Iconic Streams Best USA IPTV Service

Iconic Streams is shut down at the moment. You can check our article below to find a reliable IPTV Provider in the United States.

Top 5 Best IPTV Service Providers in the USA 2021

Iconic streams best USA IPTV. Iconic streams have everything from everywhere and for everyone. They provide 1080p+ premium quality and thousands of channels from the USA, Canada, UK, etc. While subscribing to any of the IPTV services, the actual game turner point is the pocket–friendly budget. Moreover, the flexibility in the prices as compared to traditional broadcasting eventually becomes the plus point. Hence, the Iconic stream is using this prong to have more and more audience. It purely depends on you to choose the payment plans, either monthly or yearly ones. Particularly, if you are looking for sports channels, then this service provider is the best. A huge audience is already following Iconic streams. And this is because of having access to multiple sports channels. There are several other features; let’s dive into them.

Key Features



  • 3500 Channels

  • VODs

  • Full HD / 1080p

  • 2 Connections

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • EPG+Catch Up

  • VPN allowed

  • USA, UK, CAN

  • Premium Sports

  • 1 Month: 12.50€

  • 3 Months: 30€

  • 6 Months: 55€

  • 12 Months: 75€

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What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is becoming a top choice among people who want a cordless digital experience. It a digital service that streams a lot of TV channels over the internet, allowing its users to get rid of conventional cables and switch to a wireless digital life.

Why Iconic Streams hold the first position in the race of being the best service in the US?

The crispiest question is here as there are several providers under the shadow of IPTV. But, how Iconic Streams are wining this tough race? How are they delivering the best and unique content?

There is a motto behind this platform. All they want is to provide a buffer-free and unique service. So, all of their efforts are the result of a sturdy scheme.

Moreover, this startling objective contains the following solid points:

  • Bountiful number of channels
  • Unique and Heterogeneous streams
  • A bunch of international channels
  • A huge collection of sports content
  • Covering almost every channel of the USA
  • Amazing VoD with diversity
  • Designed with the latest technology
  • A goodbye note to buffering and freezing issues
  • Maintaining a reliable behavior
  • Excellent EPG
  • 7-days Catch up
  • Friendly with every other device
  • Economical rates
  • New and easy gateways for payment
  • Satisfactory customer care
  • Happy clients

Iconic Streams Bountiful Channel List

Iconic streams IPTV provides exceptional service when it comes to channels. They offer 3500+ HD quality and high FPS channels. While just looking at the figure. The sense of pleasure will fill you because the cardinality of channels satisfies the paying pain. Furthermore, the reliable stream and picture quality will make the channel performance even better than your expectations. Most of the channels are available in HD quality, but some are SD quality.

Unique and heterogeneous streams

Many other providers also give access to a large number of channels. But, the taste of their content is not up-to-standard. If you want to win, then bring the delicious food to the table. Therefore, Iconic Streams are delivering righteous and mouth-watering content with uniqueness and heterogeneity.

International Streams

Iconic Streams have a handful of US channels already. But, the thrill is not over. They want subscribers to have some more. Accordingly, the international content varies from the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Arab Emirates, India, and many more.

Time to have some portion for sports enthusiasts

We all love sports, and Iconic Streams have a complete grip over this pain point. Hence, they have a detailed list of sports channels like BEIN sport the USA, CBS sports channel, CBSN sports channel, ESPN sports, FOX soccer plus, Golf Channel, and the list continues to go on!


One of the most crucial and loved sections of any service is VoD. Here, we will disclose the number of VoD in Iconic Streams. BANG! There are more than 5500+ movies/ videos on demand in their bag.  Additionally, the constant updating system works here also. The latest streams will automatically add up in your playlists.


The variety in the video on demand is the same as in the channels list. Additionally, international content is also available as it has the majority of United States content. Hence, you can watch as many movies as you want.

A goodbye note for buffering and Anti-freezing Issues

The issue of buffering is like a leech eating the flesh and credibility of the service. IPTV services have seen a drawback because of the absence of technology. If the system is equipped with the latest technology then, there will be no such issues. Therefore, Iconic Streams has maintained its reliability for many years. All of this is because they have written a true goodbye note to buffer and ant-freeing issues.

Excellent EPG & 7- days Catch-up

An EPG covers all the mainstream channels.

In the case of IPTV, finding the right channel to watch daily is a daunting task. But fortunately, EPG makes it a lot easier by providing good coverage of all the top channels that most people will watch regularly. You can easily rely on this IPTV service, as they provide you a 48-hours trial so that you can be sure about the service you are subscribing to. (Now, they are not providing the trial service)

In case you have missed any of the shows. The 7-days Catch-up will help you to enjoy the episode or show at any time. Moreover, the option of recording seems to be helpful also. Because it will extend the 7-days Catch-up feature. So, if you are busy or out of town for more than a week, then go ahead and record the show. Don’t forget to watch it with popcorns!

Economical rates

Iconic Streams channel list

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Iconic streams offer different plans and packages to fulfill your needs. You can choose monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans. Previously, they were giving the offer of a 48-hour trial. But they have canceled it. I don’t know, what’s the reason behind it? The prices for all the packages are pretty reasonable for the quality of the services they provide. Select a perfect plan for you from the following:

1-Month= €12.50

3-Months= €30.00

6-Months= €55.00

12-Months= €75.00

Moreover, you can have access to Iconic Streams over two devices simultaneously. Interestingly, they have added a new offer. In which the user can increase the number of connections. So, at the rate of 2.50 Euros, the subscriber can shift from two to three connections at a time.

Payment Options

Iconic Streams wants its users to be at ease. So, they offer multiple methods for the easy transfer of cash. Furthermore, Iconic Streams offer you multiple payment methods like PayPal, Credit/Debit & BTC.

Friendly with every other device

Before setting up Iconic streams on a device, make sure that you have a strong internet connection so you can stream your favorite channels without any trouble. Another commodity, please don’t blame the service! If you don’t have a strong internet connection. In short, there is no issue of compatibility. The users can enjoy the Iconic Streams from all types of devices. Furthermore, you can have detailed information about the compatible devices from the service providers, but here some most common IPTV compatible devices:

  • NVidia Shield
  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Beelink AP34
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Dreamlink T2
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Informir MAG322 W1
  • Android TV Boxes

How to install Iconic Streams IPTV on a device?

First of all, sign up for Iconic Streams IPTV. You can proceed further to install IPTV after you have received your account details through an email.

Installation on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android Box

You can install Iconic Streams IPTV on Firestick and other android devices the process below:

  • Firstly, install the Perfect Player on your device.
  • Go to Perfect Player App.
  • Click on the settings icon and select general.
  • Select playlist 1 and enter the M3U line you received in the email.
  • Enter the name of the playlist and press OK.
  • In the end, change EPG settings to Hide EPG.
  • After following the aforementioned process correctly, you will have a Channel List and EPG.

Set up on Windows, Linux, and Mac

  • Download VLC media player on Windows (Linux and Mac)
  • Open VLC media player and choose Open Network Stream from the Menu.
  • Enter the URL you received in your email by Iconic Streams IPTV and click the Play Button.
  • After this, you will have a channel list. For accessing the channel list, press CTRL + L.

Installation on Kodi

  • First of all, install the latest version of Kodi and then select the PVR client by clicking on the Add-on browser button.
  • Select configure and then general.
  • Choose the location to Remote Path and select the M3U Playlist URL option.
  • Enter the URL that you received in your email. Set the type to “m3u_plus” and output as “ts”. Then, click OK.
  • You will receive a notification after channels are loaded and ready to stream.

How to buy a package from Iconic Streams?

  • Go to the official site of Iconic Streams.
  • Click on “Purchase now”.
  • Select a plan that you want to subscribe to.
  • Provide your email and name.
  • Choose a payment method to pay for the selected package. Your service will be activated soon after you receive activation credentials in your email.

Satisfactory Customer Care

How to contact Iconic Streams Customer support to resolve an issue?

If you face any trouble streaming your favorite channels, you can go to the official website of Iconic Streams. They have answered all the main queries on their homepage. But if you don’t find a solution to your problem, you can contact customer support. For this:

  • Enter the subject and details of your query.
  • Fill in the captcha to confirm you are not a robot.
  • You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

The customer care service is quite efficient. As soon as you place your query, the attending staff will try their best to contact you. Moreover, they have proved another point from their objective. Happy clients!

For the last decade, the credibility of the IPTV is under the question mark!

Because a number of IPTV service providers have been banned, as they were streaming the illicit content, iconic Streams also shares a bit of space in this category. No surety that its streams are legal or not. So, try to have the monthly packages because it will reduce the fear of losing your investment.

Pros of Iconic Streams IPTV

Iconic Streams has proved itself to be the best one! The manufacturers have stuffed this IPTV service will all of the desired qualities and features. Furthermore:

  • The 1080p HD quality makes your streaming experience highly delightful.
  • They provide a catch-up service to ease its users.
  • A lot of channels to choose the one that best matches your interests.
  • You can be sure of the service quality by availing of the 48-hours trial before spending your money on a longer subscription. (Not available now)

Cons of Iconic Streams IPTV

No doubt, it’s hard to pick any stumbling block. On the whole, this IPTV service provider has no issues regarding any of its features—all of the systems work with great efficiency. But, the sword of not being secure hangs over its head. Therefore, we will recall the Iconic Streams to clear this obstacle as soon as possible.


The basic purpose of the VPN is to cover the browser history. Privacy is indeed one of the most special things in this period. So, it arises the desire to have a VPN. Several VPNs are operating and protecting the users from the authorities. Some of the IPTV service providers don’t allow the subscriber to have the VPN and their service. But, Iconic Streams does! This access will move towards the road of a secure IPTV service provider.

Why you should choose the Iconic Stream IPTV service?

Iconic streams are not a new IPTV service in the market, which is a plus point that you can trust them and avail yourself of their packages at a pretty affordable price without compromising reliability and quality. A lot of channels are available to appeal to people having different interests. Iconic streams IPTV is thus a competitive service at a reasonable price.

Final Words

Overall, Iconic Streams is the best IPTV service provider in the US. In this article, we have tried our best to compile every detail and latest information about this service.

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  1. If you love watching HDTV, one of the best options that you can have is subscribing to Iconic Streams. It offers various types of stations and the best thing about subscribing is that it gives you an opportunity to watch TV from all over the country. As I am sure you know, not only are there many stations out there in the market but also many channels. So, if you want to be updated about the latest news, sports events, weather forecasts and other entertainment options, subscribe to Iconic Streams and be assured of a wonderful and hassle free entertainment option.

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