Top 10 FBI Most Wanted Persons

Top 10 FBI Most Wanted Persons. The listing is often published in public areas like post offices. Oftentimes, fugitives on the list have turned themselves on becoming conscious of the own listing. Rewards are available for information resulting in the capture of fugitives on the record; the payoff is a minimum of $100,000 for many fugitives, present exceptions comprise Jason Derek Brown, that will be $200,000, and Rafael Caro Quintero that is $20,000,000. Seven of those ten at large are known or believed to be residing beyond the USA.

1. Rafael Caro Quintero (Reward: $20,000,000)

Rafael Caro Quintero FBI most wanted

Caro Quintero, a Mexican cartel leader, is needed for his part in the kidnapping and murder of their U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Enrique Camarena Salazar, his pilot Alfredo Zavala Avelar, American author John Clay Walker and dentistry pupil Alberto Radelat at 1985. He spent time in Mexico prior to being published in 2013; a fresh arrest warrant has been issued soon after his release.

2. Jason Derek Brown (Reward: $200,000)

Jason Derek Brown

Authorities allege that in November 2004 he captured and killed an armored vehicle guard outside a movie theater and fled on a bike with $56,000 at a duffel bag. Authorities believe he may have fled the country and may be residing in France or even Thailand.

3. Robert William Fisher (Reward: $100,000)

Robert William Fisher

Fisher is needed for the 2001 murder of his wife Mary and their two children, Robert, Jr., and Brittney, and then blowing the Scottsdale, Arizona, home where they dwelt. Researchers believe he killed his family since he felt threatened by his own spouse’s intent to divorce.

4. Alexis Flores (Reward: $100,000)

Alexis Flores

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Flores is needed for the kidnapping, murder, and rape of five-year-old Iriana DeJesus at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in July 2000. He had been deported to his native Honduras in 2005 after serving a prison sentence for forgery at Arizona. He had been added to the record after deportation if his DNA was matched to the DeJesus crime.

5. Eduardo Ravelo (Reward: $100,000)

Eduardo Ravelo

Ravelo is needed for his alleged participation in racketeering actions, conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, and conspiracy to possess cocaine, marijuana and cocaine with the intent to distribute. His alleged criminal actions started in 2003. [20] He’s thought to be hiding along with his wife and kids at Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. He was seized on June 27, 2018 at Michoacan, Mexico.

6. Yaser Abdel Said (Reward: $100,000)

Yaser Abdel Said

An Egyptian resident of the USA, he’s wanted for the murder of the two teenaged daughters in Irving, Texas. Said, who is reported to have been really commanding of his loved ones, is thought to have felt that his brothers, Amina, 18, along with Sarah, 17, had dishonored the family by refusing to adhere to conventional criteria of Egyptian cultural behavior. On January 1, 2008, he enticed them to his taxicab about the pretense of carrying them out to consume and shot them at the taxi.

7. Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel (Reward: $100,000)

Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel

Patel allegedly stabbed and murdered his wife at a doughnut store in Hanover, Maryland on April 12, 2015. He had been last seen carrying a shuttle into Pennsylvania Station in Newark. According to the government, he has links with Canada, India, New Jersey, Kentucky, Georgia and Illinois.

8. Santiago Villalba Mederos (Reward: $100,000)

Santiago Villalba Mederos

Mederos, a part of this barbarous Eastside Lokotes Sureno gang, is desired in connection with two separate shootings in Tacoma, Washington, which led to the death of a young girl and the critical wounding of her brother, and a month afterward the murder of a young guy. Mederos was a teen in the time of their killings.

9. Alejandro Castillo (Reward: $100,000)

Alejandro Castillo

Alejandro Rosales Castillo, 17 years old at the time of the killing, is desired in relation to the 2016 murder of a 23-year-old girl, Truc Quan”Sandy” Ly Le, whom he’d formerly dated. Both became acquainted while operating collectively in a Charlotte restaurant.

10. Antwan Mims (Reward: $100,000)

Antwan Mims

Antwan Tamon Mims, a convicted felon and known gang member, Is needed for his alleged involvement in the murder of two people on March 25, 2018, at a house party in Benton Harbor, Michigan. [30] He had been seized on July 31, 2018, in Georgia.

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