All Miss Universe Winners from USA

These are the girls who’ve won the Miss Universe title from the USA. How many occasions have Miss USA won Miss Universe title? After all, when you’ve got between 80 and 100 nations sending contestants to compete, said competition will probably be quite stiff.

Since 1952, Miss USA has won the title a total of eight times, as determined by Miss Universe’s Past Winners section on the pageant’s site. However, while that merely seems like a couple of occasions, Miss USA is really top with the crowns ever won, together with Venezuela clocking in second with a total of seven wins.

It All began with Miriam Stevenson, the 21-year-old Miss South Carolina that nabbed the name to get the U.S. at 1954. Just a couple of years later in 1956, the USA took home its second crown using Carol Morris. Representing Iowa and being an accomplished girl who had been a decorated swimmer graduated fourth in her class from Drake University.

Linda Bement nabbed the next crown as Miss Utah in 1960, which also happened to be the very first Miss Universe pageant to be televised nationwide. Six years after, Sylvia Hitchcock became reigning queen by repping Alabama, however, she grew up on a poultry farm at Miami. Shawn Weatherly started a new decade with a triumph of the Miss Universe crown to the U.S in 1980, and she moved on to star as Jill Riley at the first period of Baywatch and Cadet Karen Adams from the movie Police Academy 3.

Subsequently, Brook Lee from Hawaii carried on the title in 1997. Her grandfather emigrated from Korea to Hawaii from the 1950s, along with her ancestry is a mixture of Korean, Hawaiian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, English, and French roots. Miss Rhode Island won the crown in Age 20 at 2013.

Olivia Culpo (2012)

Olivia Culpo miss universe winners from usa

On December 19, 2012, Olivia Culpo of Cranston, Rhode Island, won the title of Miss Universe 2012 attracting the most coveted crown back into the USA following 15 years. It has been a whirlwind with this particular 21-year old beauty who won the names of Miss Rhode Island USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe over 15 months.

Olivia functions as a spokeswoman for HIV/AIDS Awareness and urges for associations like God’s Love We Deliver, YouthAIDS PSI, Amongst Others. Down-to-earth and approachable, Olivia is enthusiastic about her loved ones. She might wear the largest crown but this was not necessarily true with this middle child. Olivia intends to utilize the Miss Universe platform to pursue an entertainment career.

Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee (1997)

rook Antoinette Mahealani Lee

She was the first one to win miss universe competition from Hawaii. She made many cameo appearances in films and tv shows and has hosted many tv shows in Asia and the USA. Brook is the host of a regional tv series called Pacific Fusion, which concentrates on Asian-American lifestyles. She’s also hosted episodes of Good Cruises on the Travel Channel.

Chelsi Smith (1995)

Chelsi Smith miss universe winners from usa list

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Chelsi Smith followed her Miss Universe name by working as a model and an actress. She co-hosted Beyonce Knowles’ unique Beyonce: Family and Friends Tour. In 2011, Chelsi has introduced the Influential Multiracial Public Figure award.

Shawn Nichols Weatherly (1980)

Shawn Nichols Weatherly

She is a nursing major from Clemson University. She’s famous for her role as Jill Riley about the television series Baywatch and for its reality series Oceanquest, which had weatherly swimming with whales. Shawn also had the most important part in the 1986 comedy movie Police Academy 3: Back in Training as well as the terror comedy movie, Love in the Time of Monsters.

Sylvia Louise Hitchcock (1967)

Sylvia Louise Hitchcock

Sylvia Hitchcock was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts and grew up on a poultry farm at Miami, Florida. She studied art at the University of Alabama and was at University when she won the Miss USA title. After her reign as Miss Universe, she attempted modeling in New York City before returning to Miami where she worked for a TV channel. In 1972, she had been one of a panel of twelve judges to the Miss Universe 1972 contest.

Linda Bement (1960)

Linda Bement miss universe winner from usa

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Linda Bement was crowned through the very first Miss Universe contest to be televised nationwide. She had been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was the second girl from Utah to be crowned Miss USA. Following the contest, she wed a future U.S. Racing Hall of Fame Thoroughbred racing Jockey, Manuel Ycaza, and they had two kids together.

Carol Morris (1956)

Carol Morris miss universe winner form usa

While restraining as Miss Universe, Carol Morris met Presidents Harry Truman and Herbert Hoover and amused U.S. troops together with Bob Hope. She was also able to come back home to the greatest party ever held in Ottumwa. After finishing her reign as Miss Universe, Carol started her acting career through which she acted in several movies and TV appearances. She’s the sole Miss Iowa USA to win the Miss USA crown and is still quite busy in the Miss Iowa USA contest.

Miriam Stevenson (1954)

Miriam Stevenson

Miriam Stevenson was the very first Miss USA to win the Miss Universe beauty crown. Her triumph over Brazil’s Martha Rocha was memorable because there was a tie between both girls, but Miriam finally was crowned. She made headlines after deciding to return to South Carolina to finish her schooling after finishing her one-year stint at Hollywood in Universal Studios. After finishing her schooling, Miriam hosted tv shows for the regional NBC affiliate in Colombia and has been busy from the media throughout the 1970s, Miss Universe contest judge, and celebrity in national advertisements.

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