Top 11 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches of USA

Top 11 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches of USA. When spectacular mountain scenery meets the ocean, the results are breathless. Such is the case with the beaches featured below. These cliff-side beaches are an excellent combination of turquoise waters and lush vegetation and craggy rocks.

Honokalani Beach Maui

Honokalani Beach Muai

Honokalani Beach located in the Waianapanapa State Park Hawaii. It is a small and beautiful volcanic crescent-shaped beach. The bright turquoise water, black sand, and green forest create a mystical view.

Honopu Beach Kauai

Top 11 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches of USA

The Honopu Beach is located in Na Pali Coast Kauai. It is one of the most remote shores in the world and can only be accessed by swimming. The beach features with a massive rock arch, tow coves and 1200 feet sea cliffs.

Green Sand Beach Hawaii

Top 11 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches of America

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Green Sand Beach is the only beach in the world with green sand. When the volcano blew out olivine lava, the Green Sand Beach was crafted naturally as the olivine crystals stay accumulated on the sh0ore and washed away the volcanic sand.

Cannon Beach Oregon

Top 11 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches of USA

Cannon Beach is one of the most majestic of shore in the Pacific. A huge rock jugging out of the sea known as Haystack Rock. It is an ideal beach for sand castle construction, meandering walks, and puffin sightings. Its ideal lighting location offers optimal for landscape shots.

Laguna Beach California

Top 11 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches of USA

Laguna Beach is located in the town of Laguna in South California. The beach is famous for its seemingly endless days of sun and thriving surf culture. The shore offers soaring cliffs, romantic coves, dazzling blue water, and soaring cliffs. It is a majestic scene when the sun sets at the Laguna beach.

Trunk Bay St. John Virgin Islands

Top 11 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches

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The Trunk Bay is one of the most preserved beaches in the world after the adoption by National park service. The immense beauty of Trunk Bay and plentiful wildlife looks like paradise. You can see the floor of the ocean in the light blue water as well as the creatures below the surface.

Pfeiffer Beach California

Top 11 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches of USA

Pfeifer Beach is located in the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. It is an unspoiled and gorgeous beach on the shore of California. You won’t find white sand here as the Pfeiffer beach is famous for its striking purple sand. The beach is surrounded by on and off-shore rocks

Maho Bay St John, Virgin Islands

The Maho Bay is a perfect place for your next getaway to sink your toes into white soft sand. Grab your snorkel to witness the turtles galore and beautiful variety of fish. It is a perfect picnic spot for families as its pavilion is covered with grills and tables.

Redondo Beach Halfmoon Bay, California

Redondo Beach is an ideal hang out of Log Angles. Enjoy rich surfing culture of California and dip in the refreshing water of Pacific. You can catch a glimpse of the gray whales migrating to Baja between November to March. You can keep an eye on dolphins and enjoy fresh seafood on its iconic horseshoe-shaped pier.

Hawksnest Beach St John, Virgin Islands

Forget about the stress of life and let yourself by dramatic shoreline and white sand beach. Hawksnest Beach is a tropical paradise for everyone’s dreams. You can watch the clear blue water sparkle and feel the cool breeze blowing through your hair. Keep your snorkel with you to witness the beautiful fish and colorful coral.

Cane Bay St. Croix, Virgin Islands

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You will find a stunning mountain just behind the beach with palm trees along with. Visit the local dive shop for scuba diving or great snorkeling. You can experience a remarkable underwater exploration. Manta rays, coral, turtles, and colorful fish await.

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