20 Largest churches in America

20 Largest churches in America. Exploring-usa.com has compiled a listing of America’s 25 largest churches, according to the average weekly attendee. The majority of these mega-churches can be found in Texas and Florida, and several are located in the suburbs of Dallas and Houston. To ascertain the biggest churches in the United States, we looked at weekly attendance numbers to its congregations and accumulated the information gathered from the Hartford Institute for Religion (HIRR).

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The Mega-Churches of now hold a powerful influence on the overall view of mainstream America. Followers start looking for everyday advice from pastors and heads of ministries about the best way to live their own lives and raise their own families.

1. Lakewood Church Houston

Average weekly attendance: 43,500

Lakewood Church Houston, TX largest church in america

Lakewood Church was set up in 1959 by John Osteen. His son Joel and daughter-in-law Victoria are the older pastors. Lakewood Church-goers meet in the former Houston Rockets soccer arena.

Joel is one of the most prominent televangelists on the planet. He’s also authored a set of best-selling novels. Joel, whose net worth is estimated at about $40 million, has been commended for encouraging wealth theology, which contains a focus on material gain. He received negative media for not creating Lakewood Church accessible as a crisis shelter when Hurricane Harvey struck.

2. North Point Church Alpharetta

Average weekly attendance: 30,629

North Point Community Church Alpharetta, GA

North Point Community Church was created in 1996 by Andy Stanley. Its fast expansion surprised even its creator, who stated, “We made a tactical decision to not concentrate on expansion but rather to concentrate on leadership development” Stanley’s father Charles is also a well-known preacher, but both had a much-publicized falling outside.

3. Life.Church Edmond

Average weekly attendance: 30,000

list of churches in usa

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Founded by Craig Groeschel at 1996. Life. Church currently has locations all over the nation in addition to an active internet community. It’s a component of the Evangelical Covenant Church, which upholds core evangelical Christian beliefs. Services include refreshments and rock music with lyrics displayed on display. The church’s complimentary Bible app was downloaded over 200 million times.

4. Gateway Church Southlake

Average weekly attendance: 28,000

Gateway Church Southlake, TX best churches in the usa

Gateway is a huge church and a huge enterprise. It reported earnings of $127.2 million in 2016 and resources of $218.7 million. But, it has also reported that it’s cutting staff and spending so as to be better positioned for potential expansion.

5. Willow Creek Church Barrington

 Average weekly attendance: 25,000

Willow Creek Community Church South Barrington, IL

Willow Creek Community Church was set up at the Chicago suburb of South Barrington from the 1970s, and it currently has placed around the metropolitan region. Its core values include the impression that the church should be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.

6. Fellowship Church Grapevine

Average weekly attendance: 24,200

Fellowship Church Grapevine, TX

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Fellowship is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention but can also be a part of this”seeker” movement, which aims to bring a larger audience through unorthodox procedures. Creator Ed Young has produced any controversy with his marketing of gender (within marriage) and has authored a book called”Sexperiment.”

7. Christ’s Church Valley Peoria

Average weekly attendance: 23,300

Christ’s Church of the Valley Peoria, AZ

Christ’s Church of the Valley was founded by Don Wilson in 1982 in his living area. He maintained the church’s earliest providers in a rented film theater and failed to find a permanent residence until 1996. Wilson is retiring as the senior leader this season. He’s designated Ashley Wooldridge because of his successor.

8. NewSpring Church Anderson

Average weekly attendance: 23,000

NewSpring Church Anderson, SC

NewSpring is the greatest church in South Carolina with 15 campuses throughout the state. In 2016, creator Perry Noble was eliminated as the senior leader for alcohol abuse and other problems. The church is presently overseen by a group of four direct pastors. Perry recently filed paperwork to begin a brand new, aptly called Second Chance Church at South Carolina.

9. Elevation Church Matthews

Average weekly attendance: 22,200

Elevation Church Matthews, NC

Elevation Church has been set in 2006 by Steven Furtick, that had been in his mid-twenties in the moment. Described as”a cool warrior, along with a sexy church,” Elevation is well known for solutions which contain loud rock music in addition to preaching. The church has undergone dramatic growth and today has multiple places around Charlotte, North Carolina as far as Toronto, Canada.

10. Church of Highlands Birmingham

 Average weekly attendance: 22,100

Church of the Highlands Birmingham, AL

Church of the Highlands was set by Chris Hodges at 2001. It’s the greatest church in Alabama according to weekly attendance. Hodges also based Highlands College, a ministry training faculty. Hodges’ son Michael was pastor of this Greystone branch campus, but he had been recently eliminated from this position to get an unspecified”ethical failing”

11. Saddleback Church Lake Forest

Average weekly attendance: 22,000

Saddleback Church Lake Forest, CA

Saddleback has campuses throughout southern California and has expanded globally to Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, and Manila. That is impressive considering Saddleback didn’t possess its first permanent building before the early 1990s, as it had 10,000 per week attendees. Until then, a 2,300-seat tent has been used for solutions for several years.

12. Southeast Christian Church Louisville

Average weekly attendance: 21,700

Southeast Christian Church Louisville, KY

Southeast is the biggest church in Kentucky. It currently has six campuses, such as a newly opened one in Elizabethtown at a building that formerly housed a Winn Dixie grocery store. The church, which started in 1962 with only 53 members, now has a weekly attendance of over 20,000.

13. Central Christian Church Henderson

Average weekly attendance: 21,055

Central Christian Church Henderson, NV

Central Church describes itself as”a place where it is ok not to be fine.” It’s many places in Nevada and other countries as far afield as Mexico and Australia. “We are attempting to introduce irreligious individuals to a spiritual framework,” according to Pastor Jud Wilhite.

14. Dream City Church Phoenix

Average weekly attendance: 21,000

Dream City Church Phoenix, AZ

Fantasy City Church is older as megachurches move — it had been set as Phoenix First Assembly in 1923. It has experienced rapid expansion in recent decades. The church started a Scottsdale campus at 2015 and united with Community Church of Joy in Glendale at 2016.

15. Second Baptist Church Houston

Average weekly attendance: 20,600

second Baptist Church Houston TX

Second Baptist Church, among the largest Baptist churches in the nation, has a yearly budget of approximately $50 million. In response to Hurricane Harvey, the church organized a significant relief effort, which forced it to cancel solutions. The church Woodway campus was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike at 2008.

16. Christ Fellowship Palm Beach Gardens

 Average weekly attendance: 18,900

Christ Fellowship Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Christ Fellowship has seven places in South Florida along with its principal location in Palm Beach Gardens. It provides services in streams and Spanish services reside through a”Christ Fellowship App.

17. Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

Average weekly attendance: 18,500

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, FL

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale was set in the 1980s by Bob Coy, who formerly worked at the Vegas music market. Back in 2003, the church sued Broward County on the right to show an indication that read”Jesus is the reason behind the season” within a holiday lights display. Coy resigned in 2014 after admitting to interrogate and watching porn. Doug Sauder took over as lead pastor of this church.

18. Woodlands Church Woodlands

Average weekly attendance: 18,300

Woodlands Church The Woodlands, TX

Senior Pastor Kerry Shook at 1993 situated Woodlands Church, which eventually became one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. Kerry and his wife Chris Shook wrote The New York Times bestseller,” One Month to Live30 Days to a No-Regrets Life” Woodlands coordinated a significant disaster relief effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

19. Eagle Brook Church Centerville

Average weekly attendance: 17,100

Eagle Brook Church Centerville, MN

Eagle Brook Church, that was launched in a living area from the 1940s, was initially called First Baptist Church but changed its name in 1997 to draw individuals from different denominations. It currently has a lot of campuses in suburban Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. The Eagle Brook Association is a ministry which assists other churches to reach people through leadership training for pastors and employees.

20. Cornerstone Church San Antonio

Average weekly attendance: 17,000

Cornerstone Church San Antonio, TX

John Charles Hagee is the founder Cornerstone Church. He’s the fifth of six pastors in his household that were called John Hagee, dating back to the Victorian age. His son Matthew is also a warrior. Hagee is president and founder of John Hagee Ministries and founder and National Chairman of Christians United for Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke via satellite in a recent summit of Christians United, stating, “We’ve got no greater friends than you.”

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  1. So disappointing to read the 1st comment that tells us that none of the people are getting the true word of God—-This person had no idea as to how the word of God is offered in all of these churches. A large and or unconventional Church does not disqualify as to truth. — My Church made the top 10 , and I look forward to worship every week. The pastor closely follows scripture and my family is treated to practical biblical truth every time we attend. How sad to see our church condemned based on its success by someone who has never attended.

  2. Steven William Lotz

    Unfortunately, these Christian churches are just entertainment centers. Take away the rock bands, the pumped up motivational speakers and the great bbq’s after service and see if these people continue to attend. Try going to a boring Latin Mass in the Roman Rite and see how dedicated to worship one is. The Latin Mass is and always has been the perfect expression of worship to the King of Kings.
    I am pleased these churches have a following. Its better than the alternative but if you truly love Jesus, the Traditional Catholic faith you will find home.

    1. The Roman Catholic church started a new religion called Chrislam on September 14-15 in Kazakhstan that leaves out our Lord Jesus, signed by Pope Francis. A Satanic Religion you can find a home in?

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