Miss Teen USA Winners of All Time

Past Miss Teen USA Winners.¬†Miss Teen USA is a beauty pageant conducted from the Miss Universe Organization for girls aged 14-19. The pageant was held in 1983 and was broadcast live on CBS before 2002 and on NBC from 2003–2007. Back in March 2007, it was announced that the broadcast of the Miss Teen USA pageant on NBC hadn’t been revived, which Miss Teen USA 2007 are the last televised event. By 2008-15, the pageant has been held in the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, situated in Nassau, Bahamas. Notable pageant winners comprise actresses Kelly Hu, Bridgette Wilson, Charlotte Lopez-Ayanna, Vanessa Minnillo, Shelley Hennig, and sportscaster Allie LaForce.

Hailey Colborn (2018)

Hailey Colborn enjoys spending time, becoming trained in classical ballet for two decades. This self-proclaimed book nerd loves time with her loved ones along with her two puppies. Hailey began a mentorship band titled SelfPosi. She’ll attend Princeton University to get a political concentration that autumn. Following college, she plans to become a literary journalist, strategist, or even maybe a politician.

Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff (2017)

Sophia is pleased to have graduated a year early this last spring to begin her undergraduate studies following fall. Having a passion for justice, the Kansas City native plans to attend law school. With her peers, Sophia has created Community and Scholars Cooperatively (CASC), a company focused on making network service opportunities enjoyable and simple for teens. As a result of the relative with Down Syndrome, Sophia has committed her time to a lot of organizations that encourage individuals people who are handicapped and has worked together with Missouri state legislators to make policies which supply them with the highest quality care.

Karlie Hay (2016)

Besides the concern, Karlie’s pursuits and actions vary from cheerleading to community support. A top achiever, the eighteen-year-old older asserts that her position on the school honor roll whilst engaging in several extracurricular activities which have varsity cheer priest, yearbook editor and photographer.

Katherine Haik (2015)

Katherine Haik of Franklinton, Louisiana has crowned Miss Teen USA on August 22nd in Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort in The Bahamas. Not just was Katherine the youngest contestant competing for the name, the 15-year-old sophomore in high school also became the youngest teenager in history to win the crown.

Katherine’s triumph created the huge buzz inside her small Louisiana hometown, that has a population of just 4,000 people. The tight-knit community held a screening party of their pageant at a nearby restaurant to encourage Katherine where over 100 friends and family came to watch. Katherine used her appeal on stage by inviting the audience to clap together as she staged the United States’ President’s Song and recited all 43 of the nation’s leaders to be able.

K. Lee Graham (2014)

Lee Graham of Chapin, South Carolina became Miss Teen USA on August 2nd in Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort in The Bahamas. Seconds after being crowned, the 18-year-old honors student came in NYC still in doubt that the new title as Miss Teen USA was really hers.

The little town of Chapin is currently home to one of South Carolina’s most academically competitive high schools (Chapin High) at which K. Lee now retains a 5.024 GPA and is rated number one in its own course. She thinks that education is the basis for whatever you would like to do in life that K. Lee has encouraged in classrooms throughout the nation during her reign.

Cassidy Wolf (2013)

Cassidy Wolf is a school freshman who likes to dance! In reality, she’s been dancing since she had been two-years-old and only last summer that she had been put to a Mia Michael’s Performance piece. Cassidy was a semi-finalist for the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards along with also a Merit Recipient for its National Young Arts Foundation. She’s also been given several gift scholarships to Joffrey Ballet in New York and has been encouraged to participate in their specialist Trainee Jazz Program.

Cassidy enjoys hosting and performing at occasions and dreams of walking the runways at New York and Paris. Cassidy enjoys giving back and supports several associations as Miss California Teen USA; such as Steps4Paws, The Gentle Barn, Best Hostels, San Diego Youth at Risk and KAR Dancer Against Cancer. Cassidy was invited to several classrooms to talk at team events, sharing her story as a spokesperson for”Cassidy’s Voice,” her motion against cyber crimes. Throughout her message to adolescents, she expects to save and inspire others.

Logan West (2012)

Logan West was utilized to if she recorded the title of Miss Teen USA 2012. She has become a passionate dancer. She asserts the art form in addition to competing in pageants has helped her.¬†This was not necessarily the case since Logan was bullied rising up. She’s turned her negative experiences into advantages by producing the”Unite Against Bullies” software. She intends to expand nationwide to instruct young people about bullying. Logan is presently analyzing commercial dancing at PACE University. In her spare time enjoys exploring New York City and spending some time with family.

Danielle Doty (2011)

19-year-old Danielle Doty, from Harlingen, Texas, won the crown in the 2011 MISS TEEN USA Contest on July 16, 2011, in Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This lively adolescent impressed the panel of judges at the swimsuit, evening gown, and interview.

Produced in Harlingen, Texas with her parents and older brother Dylan, Danielle had a passion for beauty pageants from a young age as well as engaged in many of Junior Teen pageants. She chose to compete at the Miss USA pageant system, winning the regional, country, and ultimately, nationwide title her very first attempt.

Kamie Crawford (2010)

Kamie Crawford was blessed with all the rewarding opportunity to be a symbol of the gorgeous state of Maryland after being crowned Miss Maryland Teen USA 2010 on November 1st, 2009. She took home the Miss Photogenic award night too. On July 24, 2010, Kamie represented Maryland at the 2010 Miss Teen USA pageant where she made history by being the first contestant from Maryland to acquire the title. Kamie now lives and works in New York City as a professional version using the very first modeling service for girls of all sizes, JAG Models, and as a freelancing on camera bunch.

Stormi Bree Henley (2009)

Stormi Bree Henley has been the next adolescent from Tennessee to acquire Miss Teen USA and Tennessee’s second national titleholder in 3 decades. She auditioned for American Idol Season 10 and had been awarded a Golden Ticket for Hollywood. In 2012, she combined music band U.G.L.Y., signed into Chris Brown’s recording label CBE with fellow artists Barry’Mijo’ Bradford and Braxton Olita.

Stevi Perry (2008)

Stevi Perry was the primary representative from Arkansas to maintain the title of Miss Teen USA. This was the first Miss Teen USA contest held outside the USA. After winning Miss Teen USA from the Bahamas, Stevi graduated from Hamburg High School and attended The New York Film Academy.

Hilary Cruz (2007)

Hilary Cruz was the primary representative of Colorado to acquire the title of Miss Teen USA. She had been the very first titleholder from Colorado to put as 1998, and just the fourth to document a positioning. Back in 2014, Cruz was cast as the result of Jesse McCartney’s music video’Superbad’. In 2010 she had been on Hell’s Kitchen guest chef. In 2016, she had been a guest judge in the Miss Teen USA 2016 contest in The Venetian Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Katie Blair (2006)

Katie Blair was the first Montanan to put at the Miss Teen USA contest. Before her triumph in the provincial contest, Montana was the only nation in the contest’s 23-year history to not have experienced a semi-finalist. Throughout her reign as Miss Teen USA, she obtained a scholarship to the New York Film Academy and had a guest appearance from the NBC soap opera Passions.

Allie LaForce (2005)

Allie LaForce was the primary competition from Ohio to fasten the Miss Teen USA crown. She later made appearances across the USA, promoting causes like alcohol and drug awareness, in addition to continuing to attend school in Ohio. Back in April 2014, it declared that she’d substitute Tracy Wolfson as the sideline reporter to the SEC on CBS. Allie worked as a sideline reporter for NBA TV through the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

Shelley Hennig (2004)

Shelley Hennig won the Miss Teen USA title, becoming the first winner out of Louisiana and also the first woman from Louisiana to win a national title since Ali Landry was Miss USA 1996. Throughout her reign, Shelley made many television guests and public speaking appearances. She worked with lots of additional non-profit associations, such as Seeds of Peace, Sparrow Clubs, and shine.

Tami Farrell (2003)

Tami Nichole Farrell also won the Miss Congeniality USA award throughout her winning Miss Teen USA contest. After holding the Miss Teen USA title, she spent the summer of 2005 at New York, attending the summer intensive program of the School for Film and Television at New York. Tami subsequently proceeded to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the amusement market. She has judged several state contests, such as Miss Washington USA 2006 and Miss California USA 2006.

Vanessa Semrow (2002)

Vanessa Semrow was the first young girl of Wisconsin to win the Miss Teen USA crown. Throughout her reign, Vanessa traveled to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on a USO tour. She raised money for charities and attended star occasions. She was the first Miss Teen USA to maneuver and reside at New York City full time after making the name.

Marissa Whitley (2001)

Marissa Whitley was the primary representative of Missouri to maintain the title of Miss Teen USA. She recorded the state name together with the award for Miss Congeniality. Afterward, she created history at 18 and became the first winner out of Missouri. She catches the national title throughout the 19th Annual Miss Teen USA 2001 Competition. Marissa Whitley stayed in New York City where she worked for MTV Networks and as a commercial printing version for Ford Models. She continued to talk at events across the nation.

Jillian Parry (2000)

Jillian Parry was the primary delegate from Pennsylvania to acquire the title of Miss Teen USA. She finished her Ph.D. in Public Health with a focus on Health Policy in The Johns Hopkins University at 2012. After a Master’s in Public Health from The University of New Mexico in 2007 along with also a B.S. in Biobehavioral Health from Jillian was a vegan since 2002, and she’s An energetic public health scientist in the area of environmental health plan.

Ashley Coleman (1999)

Ashley Michelle Coleman was the primary representative from Delaware to be crowned Miss Teen USA. After determining what to do with her schooling, Ashley decided to move to Los Angeles and attempt to put in the entertainment market. There she appeared on a couple of television shows like the Price is Right and chased modeling.

Vanessa Minnillo (1998)

Vanessa Minnillo was the very first South Carolinian to win the Miss Teen USA crown. She was also the first out of South Carolina to be called the contest’s Miss Congeniality USA. Vanessa hosted several television shows in after decades. She hosted Miss Teen USA (2004) and also co-hosted Miss Universe (2007).

Shelly Moore (1997)

Shelly Moore was the primary representative of Tennessee to acquire the title of Miss Teen USA. She studied education at the University of Tennessee, with postponed her freshman year due to her responsibilities as Miss Teen USA. Afterward, she married and had three kids.

Christie Woods (1996)

Christie Woods was the first Texan to catch the Miss Teen USA crown. She subsequently pursued an acting career and has been at a tv show. Afterward, Christie and her then-boyfriend appeared at the series The wonderful Race in which they finished second from a set of eleven.

Keylee Sue Sanders (1995)

She was the first delegate from Kansas to win the Miss Teen USA contest. Keylee remained engaged in pageantry and shaped her own contest consulting company, Keylee Sue & Associates, Inc, in 1997.

Shauna Gambill (1994)

Shauna Gambill was the first young girl from California to acquire the title of Miss Teen USA. Back in 2004, Shauna was a judge in the Miss Teen USA contest won by Shelley Hennig of Louisiana.

Charlotte Lopez (1993)

Charlotte Lopez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but proceeded to Vermont in an early age. She had a troubled youth, spending sixteen years in foster homes. She’s since turned into a spokeswoman for foster children.

Jamie Solinger (1992)

Jamie Solinger was the very first and only Miss Teen USA out of Iowa and the second adolescent from her nation to put in the national contest. While with Ford, she worked for publications such as Seventeen and Glamour.

Janel Bishop (1991)

Janel Bishop has been the first African American winner of the Miss Teen USA contest. She eventually became the first representative of her nation to put in the contest. In the time of this contest, Janel wished to go for a career in education.

Bridgette Wilson (1990)

Bridgette Wilson was the next competition from Oregon to win the Miss Teen USA crown. After her reign as Miss Teen USA, Wilson became an actress and appeared in several television series. She appeared in many 1990s movies, such as Higher Learning (1995), Mortal Kombat and Billy Madison (1995).

Brandi Sherwood (1989)

So far, Brandi Sherwood is the only girl to have held the names of the two Miss Teen USA and Miss USA. Throughout her reign as Miss USA, Brandi worked with Special Olympics. She’s also worked together with the DARE program and continues to volunteer her time talking to pupils about prescribing violence and drugs.

Mindy Duncan (1988)

Mindy Duncan was the primary representative of Oregon to acquire the title of Miss Teen USA. This is the first contest that has been hosted by Dick Clark. The contest took place in San Bernadino, California in which it aired on CBS.

Kristi Addis (1987)

Kristi Addis was the primary delegate from Mississippi to acquire the title of Miss Teen USA. She remains today the sole Miss Teen USA contest winner out of Mississippi. Addis stayed in college throughout her year as Miss Teen USA and went on weekends and holidays, advocating for Nancy Reagan’s’Just Say No’ programme in universities.

Allison Brown (1986)

Allison Brown is the first young girl from Oklahoma to win the Miss Teen USA contest. She then competed in the Miss USA contest.

Kelly Hu (1985)

Kelly Hu was the first former Miss Teen USA to acquire a Miss USA state name. She subsequently proceeded to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Kelly appeared in various television shows, films, and played several voices over characters. Hu has been busy to safeguard the ecology. Hu got her break on TV’s Growing Pains (1985) in 1987. She has enjoyed a thriving career starring in movies like X-Men 2 & The Scorpion Team.

Cherise Haugen (1984)

Cherise Haugen became the first Miss Teen USA out of Illinois. She was subsequently a judge at the 1986 Miss Teen USA contest. Cherise later pursued an acting career. Her most famous role was Crystal from the 1987 film Light of Day, starring Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett.

Ruth Zakarian (1983)

Ruth Zakarian was the first Miss Teen USA. She’s an Armenian American born in Amsterdam, NY. Following Miss Teen USA, she gained fame as a celebrity under the title of Devon Pierce. She starred in The Young and the Restless. She was on Santa Barbara as Isabella Castillo.

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