Most Beautiful State Flags in the USA Ranked Best to Worst

Most Beautiful State Flags in the U.S.A. Ranked Best to Worst. Flags are a way for states to identify themselves at a crowded area and should ideally reflect the merits and qualities of the land they represent. Here are our rankings of the 50 state.

  1. Louisiana

It may not encounter on first glance, however, the”pelican and her piety” is a fair picture scene. A massive pelican pierces her own chest to feed her brood together with the blood that drains out.

  1. California

Bears are a favorite flag creature. California’s, however, has some background. It is promised to be in line with the previous Californian grizzly keep in captivity, captured by a newspaper reporter in the bidding of William Randolph Hearst.

  1. Wyoming

A big buffalo adorns the Wyoming flag. He’s been branded with the state seal which depicts a gun-toting cowboy and pickaxe wielding miner.

  1. Virginia

In the event that you had some trouble in distributing Virginia’s motto — Sic Semper Tyrannis — only have a gander at their own flag.

  1. Alaska

Both a flag and a map, Alaska’s banner is full of symbolism. The Big Dipper, or Ursa Major, represents the state’s large bear population and also points to Polaris allowing amateur navigators to determine true northwest, the way to Alaska.

  1. South Carolina

Another flag that’s displayed with fantastic pride. A calm scene with a crescent moon and palmetto tree signifies the Sandlapper State and encourages heavy Corona intake.

  1. New Mexico

Like Maryland, New Mexico prevented the normal flag seals and colors and opted to honor their Native American and Spanish origins. This flag happily took the position of New Mexico’s past flag which resembled a clichéd tourism agency post card.

  1. Arizona

A copper star represents the Grand Canyon State and its rich history. In addition, it may have been a precursor to NBC’s”The More You Know” campaign.

  1. Colorado

The Colorado”C” flag was co-opted to hype everything from ski to legalized marijuana and also can be an oft-tattooed design. The blue signifies the heavens, the golden that the ample sun the state receives and the snowy that the snowcapped mountains.

  1. Kentucky

The flag shows the motto,” United We Stand, Divided We Fall encircles. If it pushes comes to shove; the smart money is on Boone.

  1. Oregon

Oregon gets bonus points for getting the sole two-sided flag. The front is so-so together with the state name composed in a suspicious font plus a Conestoga wagon exactly like the one that you lost (and a pair of clothing ) while attempting to ford the Green River at Oregon Trail. However, the trunk is the point where the flag excels featuring a royal beaver, round, and gold.

  1. Missouri

Missouri sees your dull tricolor flag, Netherlands, also lifts you two tight grizzly bears. Three bears really. The bears maintain a seal containing ANOTHER BEAR!

  1. Oklahoma

The existing Oklahoma flag is that the fifth try at beating out the nation’s colors. Previous models were dull or somewhat fuzzy.

  1. Maryland

They looked in the state seal on a blue backdrop or the red, blue and white with stars layouts and chose to not only think outside the box but really”tear it up. Having a strange color scheme along with a print which will look like madras blush, Maryland’s flag is the homage to the original Lord Baltimore.

  1. Wisconsin

Wisconsin kicked off the normal bald eagle towards the very top of the national seal, picking for the badger, which is a fairly ferocious monster in its own right.

  1. Maine

If Delaware’s two dudes chillin’ on a flag were somewhat too uptight up to your liking, then perhaps Maine is more your speed. Shirt buttons are optional and even the moose are informal.

  1. Delaware

Dudes in Delaware seem pretty cool. Chimneysweep, soldier, oxen; are welcome in the Blue Bonnet State.

  1. New York

That really is a flag that is imposing. Lady Liberty unceremoniously stands onto a crown whilst thrusting on a Phrygian cap — otherwise known as a liberty cap — onto a rod. Lady Justice is there, with a sword! Then there is an eagle straight out of a Roman regular perched majestically atop a world.

  1. Pennsylvania

Certainly, there’s absolutely no universal method to portray a bald eagle on a flag. Pennsylvania’s looks like it is going to provide a feathery hug. Luckily, this series of goodwill is offset by 2 murderous appearing draft horses.

  1. New Jersey

There is a scene from The Godfather in which a Hollywood film manufacturer neglects a request by Vito Corleone. This spectacle was apparently motivated by the New Jersey state flag by which a disembodied equine dome floats over what might be beheading apparatus.

  1. Utah

The huge bird — that the dominant picture and draped from the Star-Spangled Banner — retains the state shield with talons filled with arrows at the ready.

  1. North Dakota

Pick wisely lest ye need an arrow on the eye. The view is a little off to the bird, nevertheless. It is difficult to tell if you are taking a look at the chest or the trunk.

  1. Vermont

Most state seals comprise individuals. Vermont’s seems to signify some creature utopia in which the deer rule also there is wheat a lot for all beasts of the earth.

  1. Michigan

The stag and moose maintain a banner with a mountain person beckoning them to come forth. They look suspicious. He has got a gun.

  1. South Dakota

Some nations jump into the rankings based on how debilitating a tattoo of this flag will be. Is your man wearing a vest? Are these teepees? The detail about South Dakota’s flag is astonishing and could demand several trips to the tattoo seat.

  1. New Hampshire

As mentioned before, flags together with the state seal are usually cramped and hard to decode. New Hampshire’s is brilliant and clear.

  1. Minnesota

Wow. This is like abstract artwork with neon paint. A bare Native American in a chullo hat rides a hoof-less horse with a flaming red mane and tail across a field being hand-tilled by some poor sap with no sneakers who has managed to germinate an Easter egg tree.

  1. Massachusetts

An Algonquian Native stands stoically with an arrow pointed downwards symbolizing peace.

  1. Kansas

In the end, a state seal that does not require squinting. Vibrant, whimsical and maybe out of a children’s coloring book.

  1. Illinois

A bald eagle puking outside Illinois’ state slogan whilst clutching the United States’ protector is fairly hardcore patriotic. The flag loses points however because of this bizarre rendering of bird waves, hair and bud shoots. Additionally, the white backdrop is gonna demonstrate dirt.

  1. Montana

Should you have to compose the title of this nation in your flag then you have neglected to truly select a design that differentiates itself. And what is with all the crudely drawn caricatures of resources? That shovel is larger compared to butter.

  1. Idaho

Supposedly a miner, the man figure on the Idaho state flag appears more like a boy scout. He appears to be building some structure from mud that is also going to ruin his horn of plenty.

  1. West Virginia

At first glance, you may think West Virginia is just really into Christmas. The Man in the Yellow Hat also born in West Virginia.

  1. Nebraska

Grab your magnifying glass if you would like to determine what’s happening with this particular flag. There is a train, a home and is an elephant from the river? This flag may benefit from a wider color spectrum.

  1. Indiana

Is that a flag or Urban Outfitter’s most up-to-date set of classic t-shirts celebrating beyond Summer Olympics?

  1. Rhode Island

Rhode Island gets props for creativity and color scheme. After taking a look at nearly all the state banners you would think inkjet printers just had three colors to pick from.

  1. Connecticut

Connecticut being the type of viticulture it is the flag includes three grapevines with three bunches of blossoms on every along with the nation’s Latin motto which contrasts”He who transplanted still sustains.

  1. Texas

The Lone Star Flag profits ground since it’s so revered in Texas. Red, blue and white with stars. Sounds familiar.

  1. Nevada

This might have been a printing error, but it appears that the picture is a little more off-center.

  1. Iowa

Throwing a bald eagle on the French tricolor does not look like something which would stoke nation pride. Additionally, an eagle without observable talons is merely a brownish seagull.

  1. Washington

Washington clearly waited until the final minute to turn into their flag suggestion and just threw the most evident idea on a green screen and forgot to replace the backdrop.

  1. Alabama

The saltire is an oft-used emblem on flags and signifies the cross which St. Andrew was martyred which appears like an especially painful way to go along with also an unusual symbol to represent a state.

  1. Florida

Florida will state that its flag is a shout-out into the first Spanish settlers along with the Cross of Burgundy, but contemplating that the flag’s adoption date along with the nation’s proximity to Alabama it is possible the layout was”borrowed.”

  1. North Carolina

North Carolina essentially took the Texas flag, then reversed the white and red part and set an”N” and”C” on both sides of the superstar to address any confusion. With two apparently arbitrary dates contained (that the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence as well as the Halifax Resolve), the flag seems as though it might also function as a headstone.

  1. Tennessee

And, in case you believed the arbitrary blue bar on the conclusion was an odd option, you are correct. It actually does not serve any symbolic price.

  1. Arkansas

This resembles the emblem on a mid-century oilcan the men from American Pickers are super excited about locating. Arkansas played with the identical design just with a single star over the state name and 2 under and two stars below and above before aligning it with a single star above and three below.

  1. Ohio

Not burgee. This swallowtail designs it that the sole non-rectangular state flag and so fails in being a flag.

  1. Georgia

Georgia falls close to the bottom of the ranks despite actually hoping to please. A research from the NAVA in 2001 rated Georgia’s then flag because of the worst style. They immediately changed the flag, yet it fell flat resulting in additional alterations in 2003.

  1. Mississippi

The previous nation to still include the Confederate flag in its own official state flag. This is truly the third version of the state flag and all have showcased both the Stars and Bars similarly prominently.

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii flag was formally adopted in 1845 and Hawaii remains an independent kingdom throughout the Revolutionary War, but the Aloha State might have rethought the layout on being admitted into the Union in 1959.

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