Most Popular Conspiracy Theories in US History

Most Popular Conspiracy Theories in US History. The study suggests that half of the American people believe in a minimum of one conspiracy theory in any particular calendar year. A conspiracy theory doesn’t need to be false, but it’s guaranteed to contradict the normal, popularly-accepted variant of the exact same event or happenings.

After a conspiracy theory becomes the accepted excuse, it stops becoming a conspiracy theory and becomes a simple fact of history. This certainly is 1 reason people continue to think they expect their perspectives will eventually be shown right. Below are a few of the most frequent conspiracy theories of American history.

1. The Moon Landing Was Faked

Among the most critical political and scientific accomplishments of the previous century, landing on the moon frequently comes under assault. Many folks feel that the landing didn’t happen and its appearance was orchestrated by NASA/American authorities as part of their Cold War, to increase national pride and up one the arch-rival Soviet Union.

Supporters of this idea point to these matters because the flag appearing to maneuver in photographs by the skies, something which shouldn’t happen since there’s not an end in space. This was disproved by pointing out the flag just appears to move through the present time of unfurling, something that would happen even with no end.

A version of the concept goes so far as to state that the famed movie director Stanley Kubrick has been the creative mastermind of this bogus footage of the landing.

2. Alien Experiments Occurred at Area 51.

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Area 51 Located roughly 150 kilometers from Las Vegas. It’s an ultra-secure U.S. Air Force base where it’s stated that the government chooses special interest in analyzing alien technologies to further its capabilities. These claims are not anything new, however, the flames were fanned in 2014 when Boyd Bushman, a retired Region 51 engineer, spoke store. He also happened to be dying, that may be why he became so generous with all the specifics. In his interview, he also explained alien life-forms inside the foundation; the way he reverse-engineered spaceships and also maintained that alien life-forms Work at the U.S. government

3. The 9/11 Attacks Were an Inside Job

They consider the Bush government had improved knowledge of the attacks and let them happen in order that they can invade Iraq and advance their own schedule.

Even the “truthers” assert that jet fuel from the planes wasn’t sufficient to melt the steel beams of the World Trade Center towers, which have been really brought down by a controlled demolition.

This concept was, of course, widely debunked but continues to reside on. 1 reason behind the notion’s longevity is that ancient truth did prove that the war in Iraq was warranted with erroneous details concerning the supposed existence of weapons of mass destruction.

4. President Obama May Be a Secret Muslim

This untrue proposal was championed on Twitter and everywhere from the recent President Donald Trump. The concept that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and isn’t a natural-born citizen (and consequently ineligible for U.S. Presidency) was utilized to delegitimize President Obama.

Despite Obama creating a long-form birth certification to placate the doubters, demonstrating he had been born in Hawaii into a Kenyan father and an American mother, 72 percent of Republicans at a 2016 NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll expressed skepticism regarding the President’s place of arrival.

Another element of this conspiracy alleges that Obama is really a Muslim, but he is a really well-documented Christian. This notion is fueled by Obama residing together with his Muslim father for a baby and talks into the anti-Muslim fears stoked by politicians and talk show hosts.

5. Secret Group Controlling the World

This conspiracy suggests a secret group known as the Illuminati was actually controlling the world and is seeking to make a 1 world government. Their end-goal is allegedly to make the New World Order, that will violate national boundaries and people’s identities, while enabling complete authoritarian control.

A variant of the concept also sees other bands at a similar place of world domination – that the Freemasons, the Jewish people, the Bilderberg Group or the”globalists” which are frequently shrouded in rightwing media outlets such as Alex Jones and Breitbart News. President Trump himself cites”globalists” and invokes fighting insidious”elites” as a battle cry for his base.

6. John F. Kennedy Assassination

51 percent of Americans believed there was a conspiracy behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at a large national poll in 2013. The prevalence of this particular concept stems from the dreadful murder in 1963 of President Kennedy and the subsequent absence of a definite, satisfying explanation for that was actually behind it.

The details of this concept focus on assessing whether there was only 1 gunman and when more shots have been fired than formally claimed.

7. The Holocaust Did Not Happen

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You’d think there is no denying a well-documented historical fact of 6 million Jews being exterminated by German Nazis from the recent years, supported by tens of thousands of photographs, movies, and firsthand reports; however, there are a number of men and women who think the Holocaust didn’t happen.

8. Franklin D. Roosevelt Curious about Attack on Pearl Harbor

Japan landed a catastrophic assault on Pearl Harbor in 1941. But there is no evidence the U.S. government knew of the beforehand. Conspiracy theorists point to this as ammunition to get their claim that the U.S. government knew precisely if the “sneak attack” was about to happen.

9. Chemtrails

Another conspiracy theory mainstay this notion claims the paths you can spot from the skies behind planes are now “chemtrails” – a sort of compound coated from the authorities to restrain the population. Obviously, the paths are only “contrails,” generated by the blend of vapor in the airplane’s engine together with low temperatures during night altitudes.

10. Vaccines Do More Harm Than Good

The government is “on it” with the pharmaceutical sector, supplying financing and mandating these immunizations with the intent of turning a tidy profit and other nefarious objectives.

11. Martin Luther King’s Assassination

He died in 1968 because of gunshot wounds allegedly sent by James Earl Ray. Many conspiracy theorists maintain that Ray was a scapegoat in a conspiracy mounted from the FBI, the CIA and the Mafia due to King’s opposition to the Vietnam War. Back in 1999, the King family acquired a lawsuit where a jury determined that King’s departure resulted from the conspiracy, which Ray could have really been put up.

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