Top 12 Most Unusual Festivals in America

Top 12 Most Unusual Festivals in America. America boasts a number of the strangest and most scenic festivals on earth. We are not talking about your customary seasonal themed vacation. By the type of odd into the just plain bizarre, here are America’s strangest festivals and occasions. Make your next holiday your very best holiday by intending to visit a festival.

Underwater Music Festival the Florida Keys

From the Looe Key coral reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, You Will Discover the Underwater Music Festival. It is held around mid-July and it’s undoubtedly among the strangest and shocking festivals. A band performs aluminum tools submerged and snorkelers dip into test them out.

Annual Amtrak Mooning Laguna Niguel

In most areas, doing something like this could land you in prison, or in the least with a good for indecent exposure. Apparently, in Laguna Niguel, California, this yearly event which happens in mid-July continues to be exempt. Thousands of individuals gather to bare their butts for what formerly was only a tiny drunken event.

World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Petaluma

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The old saying”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is exemplified in the World’s ugliest dog contest in the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, CA. The globally observed occasion celebrates homely houndsHOT1017-325 as well as the people who love them. For 25 decades, the competition was a nod that all dogs don’t need to fulfill AKC pedigree. They walk equally pedigreed pooches and Heinz 57 mutts down the red carpet to the cheers and clapping of the audience.

Frozen Dead Guy Days Boulder

Part morbid memorial, apart intense amusement, and completely unmissable, Colorado’s Frozen Dead Guy Days are certain to warm up your late night winter programs. Appreciate coffin races, costumed polar plunges, frosty turkey bowling, and also a suspended T-shirt competition at this frosty festival celebrating Norwegian guy Grandpa Bredo Morstoel, who died in 1989.

Geckofest Florida

What’s most likely among the most brilliant events in the U.S., GeckoFest attracts thousands of people into Gulfport, Florida each September to observe the city’s”unofficial mascot and preferred reptile.” According to the festival’s site, the subject for this year’s event is GeckoCon, which signifies most of the individuals that come dressed just like geckos will come dressed just like geckos in superhero outfits.

Twins Day Festival Twinsburg

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If you are a twin or Just a triplet, then You Might enjoy a trip at the beginning of August to Twinsburg, Ohio, for your Twins Day Festival. Not only are you going to locate twins, triplets, and quadruplets, in addition, they take part in athletic leagues and win awards.

Cow Chip Throwing Festival Prairie du Sac

Well, there’s a festival for this in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. If you would like to test your own ability, this festival is currently in September each year.

UFO Festival Roswell

Whether you think that aliens crash-landed at Roswell, this New Mexico town celebrates the occasion every year. The very best aspect of the odd event? The alien costume competition.

National Hollerin Festival North Carolina

Each September, folks dash into Clinton, North Carolina to shout. This is not a joke. Previously called the National Hollerin’ Contest, the contest was held in 1969 to observe a”complex” vocal convention utilized between people handling long-term communicating. Evidently, this way of speaking came ahead of the phone.

World of Faeries Festival Illinois

Your favorite childhood mystical monsters are celebrated each August through The World of Faeries Festival at South Elgin, Illinois. For three whole days, you are able to transfer yourself into a world of wonder and magic — and completely forget that you are only in Illinois. The festival comprises quests for families to complete together for prizes, harp playing, storytelling, a village marketplace, and fairy-themed food.

Gilroy Garlic Festival California

Depart from your diet programs (and dread of terrible breath) in the doorway at California’s Gilroy Garlic Festival. Exclusively California-grown garlic is the superstar of the regular affair, with a live cook-off, a garlic-braiding workshop, a”Garli-Cue BBQ Challenge,” and a”Miss Gilroy Garlic” contest. The festival understands you are mainly there for the grinds, nevertheless, and dishes like garlic bread, garlic beef tacos, and absolutely free garlic ice cream do not disappoint.

Humongous Fungus Festival Michigan

Entering its 28th year, Michigan’s Humungus Fungus Fest has grown into among the strangest foodie events in the USA. People today come from all over to celebrate the world’s biggest, oldest living organism, a 200,000-pound shoestring mushroom occupying 38 acres of property and relationship back anywhere from 1,500 to 10,000 decades. Obviously, shrooms are in the middle of the three-day festival including a goat burger grill-out, a”Mr. Fungi’Beard’s Pageant,” along with the most significant mushroom pizza.

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