Top 27 Most Popular Tech Blogs & Websites of USA

Top 27 Most Popular USA Tech Blogs & Websites. Top Best USA Tech Blogs & Websites. reviewed these ideal USA tech blogs & sites. Bookmark some of these for potential reading as there are a few new technological advancements that the internet is buzzing around.

While there might be some sites on this list which you recognize, lots of them might not be well known in your country since they are in the United States. Since America is generally the beginning pad for many tech products, US technology blogs & sites are a rather reliable source if you are trying to acquire the latest advancements in the tech world.

top best tech blogs and websites of usa


CNET is among the most popular technology sites out there, and you’re going to be able to locate almost anything you might want onto it. The different sections for reviews of products, information enhancements, movie, how-to, as well as one which notifies you of bargains for the very best economies, CNET is a trustworthy and up-to-date resource for tech information.

2. Mashable

Since the vast majority of it is likely you’ve got an idea or learn about the most important among the absolute best and much famous technology blog online that covers most innovative engineering news, apparatus, engineering, and intriguing things and beneficial guides to the net surfers. The best thing about this website is you can also have a look at videos associated with most recent technology news. In addition, it receives more than twenty-five million people a month and contains over seven thousand social networking followers.

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3. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is a style and tech website whose articles run from severe, breaking technology advice to more lighthearted and interesting products. Additionally to supplying you your everyday dose of entertainment and technology. It covers the most recent news related to gadgets chiefly, best guides for apparatus and tutorials related to your gadget. If you are a gadget enthusiast, then this site really worth and additionally you must appear at this website for locating upcoming and latest devices news.

4. Tech Radar

It is possible that you’ve learned about Tech Radar before because it is offered in 4 distinct areas across the world. Nevertheless, it’s worth some time to have a look at the USA version of this site. It is always up-to-date with the most recent information concerning mobile phones, notebook computers, wearables, automobile engineering, and much more. Tech Radar can keep you educated and entertained in the specialty of technology. The best thing is that if you’re an Android enthusiast, then this website also publishes android associated guides and news on the site.

5. Tom’s Hardware

Additionally, it offers a discussion forum for those audiences, and that means that you may just find other US tech weblogs and communicate any questions that you may have. Tom’s Hardware is a great way to link to other technology fanatics and to remain current with the most recent information.

6. ZDNet

ZDNet is a tech site published by CBS Interactive and focuses primarily on hardware, software, cellular, safety, and study. They do product testimonials, which can be got from CNET. If you combine the ZDNet newsletter then you’ll find the most recent upgrades in the sphere of engineering, evaluation, and information delivered directly to your email!

7. The Verge

Whether you would like to find out more about research, amusement, or vehicles, The Verge will supply you with the tech fix you’ll need. In addition, it shares fascinating guides about the technologies and how it affects society.

8. Engadget

As soon as they enter their second decade, then they are looking past the apparatus themselves to learn more about how that they affect our lives. Engadget is also famed because of their reviews of products, and it is going to enable you to keep with the most recent technological progress with respect to science, culture, video gambling, entertainment, and much more. Gamers will visit Engadget to be constantly a specific reference.

9. Slash Gear

Slash Gear’s technology policy is very extensive, The site has different web pages for advice associated with Apple, Android, automobiles, cellular phones, mobile phones, tablets, video gambling, wearables etc. It informs you what is trending each and every single day, and this usually means that you may read articles based on which all of the other Web is buzzing around. Whether you’re searching for columns, reviews, or information bits, you’ll receive everything here.

10. Android Authority

It’s among the greatest sites for Android users. Android Authority has web pages for advice and testimonials associated with all Android goods, so you can be current with the most recent advancements from the Android globe and get invaluable advice prior to buying android merchandise. Android Authority also supplies app segment, where you are able to discover useful and new applications in accordance with your requirements.

11. TechCrunch

It’s recognized among the popular tech sites for supplying quality advice linked to new technology and devices info. Tech Crunch can also be among the very best technology platforms on the World Wide Web to one of the most famous technology websites on the internet. Largely this provides articles related to online portal sites, reviews of newest technology goods etc.


The site Next Web is just another top blog online that gives technology related items regularly to technology surfers. Largely it ensures topics and guides associated with business, engineering, and civilization. In addition, it publishes valuable posts for upcoming apparatus. It’s strongly suggested to have to read and see this website for next-generation apparatus. The interesting thing is it becomes over seven million unique searches and over ten thousand web page views monthly.

13. is just another most significant hub of technologies, computer gaming devices, and intriguing lifestyle manuals. Additionally, it ensures guides associated with vehicles, music, and photography and sometimes writes about the Apple data too.

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14. Pocket-Lint

Regardless of what device you may want to find out more concerning, Pocket-lint is going to have a great deal of info and upgrades for you. Additionally, it reviews the goods and comparisons with other apparatus, and this means that you can weigh your choices before making a purchase and be certain that you’re receiving the best deal possible.

15. Techmeme

It supplies the best advice and commentary on tech market leaders.

16. VentureBeat

VentureBeat is the principal resource for much-advanced technology information. They provide the frame to assist execs, business owners, & technology fans to make wise decisions.

17. Recode

Recode covers technician info, reviews, and analysis with a group of the most educated and respectable journalists in media and technology.

18. Free Technology for Teachers

Free Technology for Educators provides teachers with ideas for using free technology tools in their own classrooms for pupils’ education. The site is the winner of many honors. The owner of the site was a greater school social study teacher for nine decades. He conducts talks & workshops at conferences all over the planet and writes concerning instructional technology.


They have the most recent advice and reviews of the most recent hardware and software, together with Computer Purchasing Manuals, Characteristics, and much more.

20. GeekWire

It actually is a fast-growing, nationally technology information website with powerful roots in the Seattle area and a major crowd of loyal, millions of readers around the globe.

21. Computerworld

The site Computer World covers a range of technology issues, such as applications, safety, OS, cellular, storage, information and servers facilities, emerging technologies, and engineering companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

22. Macworld

The site Mac World from supplies info, reviews, suggestions, and knowledge on Apple’s Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod iTouch, and much more. If you’re a Mac computer or iPad die-hard or newcomer they supply you with the scoop on what’s fresh, what is finest and measures to produce the most from the products that you prefer.

23. TechnoBuffalo

TechnoBuffalo’s content has been printed with a group of experts who are self-proclaimed tech-enthusiasts. Their articles cover technology-related problems and subjects from the regular applications to the company enterprise component of their business.

24. Gigaom

Gigaom is a tech research and analysis firm. They focus on helping industry leaders to comprehend the consequences of climbing systems and their impacts on business, media, and society.

25. Technosoups

Technosoups provides valuable digital tools and suggestions on gadgets, smartphones, and applications that you can not live without. They supply useful advice to a person on the subjects like Smartphones testimonials, Mobile Technology and full depth inspection of brand new Devices. Their objective is to be your favorite digital resources destination online.

26. InfoWorld

InfoWorld provides business engineering, IT advice, reviews of products and company IT plans etc.. It’s the site for tech decision makers trying to update procedures employing the most recent technology, architectures, and approaches.

27. TechHive

The website will be able to work with you to discover your technology sweet location. You may find the most recent information and analysis of smart-home technology. They protect from mild controls to safety; amusement to smart home appliances etc.

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