Top 30 Richest Families in America

Top 30 Richest Families in America. Fantastic fortunes are notoriously easy to shed. Not so for the country’s 25 wealthiest clans, who have bucked the odds and held on their wealth over generations, in some instances since the late 1800s.

1. The Walton family

  • Net worth: $ 163.2billion
  • Source of wealth: Walmart

Sam and Bud Walton founded Walmart in 1962. After its success, they found Sam’s Club in 1983. Now, Walmart reports earnings of $500 billion, which makes it the biggest retailer by earnings on the planet.

The Walton family fortune is spread among seven household members, such as co-founder Sam Walton’s three children, Rob, Jim, and Alice, who’s the wealthiest woman on earth with a $43.7 billion.

2. The Koch family

  • Net worth: $98.7 billion
  • Source of wealth: Koch Industries

Brothers Charles and David Koch enlarged their daddy’s oil refinery company into conglomerate Koch Industries following their other brothers, Frederick and William, left the company after having a failed takeover.

David Koch resigned from a leadership position in the business in 2018. He’s vowed to contribute over $1.2 billion into cancer study, hospitals, education, and cultural institutions through the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation. Both brothers secretly funded a number of the greatest summer movies of such as “Wonder Woman.”

3. The Mars family

  • Net worth: $89.7 billion
  • Source of wealth: Mars Inc.

Jacqueline and John Mars inherited a stake in the candy kingdom Mars Inc. when their dad passed away in 1999. Which devised M&Ms, Milky Way, and Mars Bars. Jacquelyn’s son, Stephen Badger, is the present chairman of Mars Inc., which earns over $35 billion in yearly earnings. The siblings run the Mars Foundation, which guides to educational, ecological, cultural, and medical causes.

4. The Cargill-MacMillan family

  • Net worth: $49 billion
  • Source of wealth: Cargill Inc.

William W. Cargill based agribusiness giant Cargill Inc. in 1865. Now, 23 members of their Cargill-MacMillan family own 88 percent of the business, which creates $108 billion in yearly earnings. Of the clan, 14 are billionaires. The family allegedly keeps 80 percent of Cargill Inc.’s net income within the firm for reinvestment annually.

5. The Cox family

  • Net worth: $41 billion
  • Source of wealth: Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises has touched on quite a few industries like broadband and cable (Cox Communications), newspapers and radio channels (Cox Media Group), and automotive. It generates approximately $20 billion in earnings. Creator James Cox’s five grandchildren share the family wealth.

6. The SC Johnson family

  • Net worth: $30 billion
  • Source of wealth: SC Johnson

The Johnson family is behind SC Johnson, which generates cleaning items like Pledge, Glade, and Windex. The business was established by its namesake in 1882 and was finally taken over by kid Herbert Fisk Johnson. Herbert died in 1928 with no will, and the family allegedly feuded on the inheritance before it was finally divided between his two children, Herbert Fisk Jr., and Henrietta Johnson Louis. Fifth-generation Herbert Fisk Johnson III acts as the current CEO and chairman of the Business.

7. The Pritzker family

  • Net worth: $29 billion
  • Source of wealth: Hyatt Hotels

A.N. Pritzker and sons Jay, Donald, and Robert Established the family’s Riches by founding the Hyatt Hotel chain and investing in holdings, for Example, Marmon Group. The fortune is divided between 13 family members, 11 of whom are billionaires. They spent a lot of their 2000’s arguing over trusts, finally dividing the fortune in the end.

Members of the Pritzker family also have been engaged in politics. Penny Pritzker, Donald’s daughter, is the former US Secretary of Commerce. Her brother, J.B. Pritzker was the federal co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and the Democratic candidate at the 2018 Illinois gubernatorial election.

8. (Edward) Johnson family

  • Net worth: $28.5 billion
  • Source of wealth: Fidelity

Edward C. Johnson founded the planet’s second-largest mutual fund company, Fidelity, in 1946, that has been run in the hands of three Johnson generations since. It is now helmed by his granddaughter, Abigail Johnson. The family owns 49 percent of the business, which is shared among four associates.

9. The Hearst family

  • Net worth: $28 billion
  • Source of wealth: Hearst Corporation

Around 67 family members share the chance which William Randolph Hearst made when he took over the San Francisco Examiner from the late 1800s. Shortly after, Hearst obtained additional papers and forayed into radio and TV, producing the basis for today’s media giant, Hearst Corporation. The Corporation owns many papers, almost 300 magazines, TV and radio channels, and stakes in cable TV channels. Hearst used to possess what is presently among the most expensive houses in the USA.

10. The Duncan family

  • Net worth: $21.5billion
  • Source of wealth: Enterprise Products Partners

Dan L. Duncan established gas and oil firm Enterprise Products Partners in 1968 with only $10,000. After he died in 2010, the business remained under family control along with his four kids endured a $10 billion estate. The family fortune has since more than doubled.

Top 30 Wealthiest Families in America

These are the 3o wealthiest families in the United States with their source of income and details of combined wealth with famous family members.

Sr. Family Name Famous Members Wealth Billions Source
Jim Walton, Alice Walton, S. Robson Walton, Christy Walton, Ann Walton Kroenke, Nancy Walton Laurie 163.2 Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club
Charles G. Koch, David H. Koch 98.7 Koch Industries
Jacqueline Mars, Victoria B. Mars 89.7 Mars, Incorporated
Austen Cargill, James R. Cargill II, James R. William W. Cargill, Marion MacMillan Pictet, Marianne Cargill Liebmann etc 49 Cargill
Anne Cox Chambers, James M. Cox 41 Cox Enterprises Co.
S. C. Johnson
S. Curtis Johnson 30 S. C. Johnson & Son
Thomas Pritzker, John Pritzker, Daniel Pritzker, Jean (Gigi) Pritzker Pucker, Jennifer N. Pritzker, Linda Pritzker etc 29 Hyatt Corporation, Marmon Group
(Edward) Johnson
Edward C. Johnson III, Abigail Johnson 28.5 Fidelity Investments
William Randolph Hearst and numerous others 28 Hearst Corporation
Dan Duncan 21.5 Enterprise Products
19.7 Apple Inc. and Disney
Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr., Donald Newhouse 18.5 Advance Publications
Estee Lauder, Ronald Lauder 17.9 Estee Lauder Companies
Dorrance Hill Hamilton 17.1 Campbell Soup Company
Daniel M. Ziff, Dirk Edward Ziff, Robert D. Ziff, William Bernard Ziff Jr. 14.4 Publishing, Ziff Davis, Ziff Brothers Investments
Du Pont
List of family members 14.3 Real estate
Sol Goldman, Amy Goldman Fowler 13.7 Solil Management
H. L. Hunt 13.7 Hunt Oil Company, Hunt Petroleum
Adolphus Busch, Adolphus Busch III, August Anheuser Busch Sr., August Busch III, August Busch IV 13.4 Anheuser-Busch
Arthur M. Sackler, Mortimer Sackler, Raymond Sackler 13 Purdue Pharma, Oxycontin
George Garvin Brown IV 12.3 Brown-Forman
J. Howard Marshall II, Elaine Tettemer Marshall 12 Koch Industries
Andrew Mellon, Matthew Mellon 11.5 Mellon Bank
Charles Butt 11 HEB Grocery Company
John D. Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller 11 Standard Oil Company
Ernest Gallo, Julio Gallo 10.7 E & J Gallo Winery
Harold Simmons 8 Businessman, Titanium investments
Homer Stryker, Ronda Stryker, Pat Stryker, Jon Stryker 7.9 Stryker Corporation
Barbara Piasecka Johnson, Bertram and Diana Firestone, Mary Lea Johnson Richards, Casey Johnson, Jamie Johnson etc 6.3 Johnson & Johnson
J. Paul Getty, Sir Paul Getty, John Paul Getty III, Balthazar Getty 5.4 Getty Oil

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