Top 10 Richest WWE Divas 2018

Top 10 Richest WWE Divas 2018. Right from the beginning of WWE, girls have functioned in various highlighting roles in the famed American professional wrestling promotion named WWE. At the age of 1990’s, WWE familiarized the expression Diva to link to its own female celebrities.

Are you really interested in how these amazing WWE Divas earn handsome figure and what are its own earnings? Well, below you’ll find the relevant particulars concerning the best 11 Richest WWE Divas from the Planet at 2018.

1. Nikki Bella (Earnings: $320,000)

The hottest and also the greatest paid WWE Diva is an American pro wrestler, actress, and model who signed up beneath the ring title Nikki Bella. Beginning her wrestling career in 2007, she had been delegated to the developmental land Florida Championship Wrestling with her sister Brie Bella to make the duo called The Bella Twins.

The two-time Diva winner of WWE has also stayed the star judge to the 2013 Miss USA. The WWE diva takes home a yearly salary of $320,000. The Bella Twins have produced a new for themselves by gracing magazine covers and appearing in the reality show Complete Divas. WWE creates a priority for its dual sisters to be showcased heavily on TV.

2. Natalya Neidhart (Earnings: $300,000)

Still another high-paid WWE Diva, Natalie Neidhart Wilson, is a Canadian-American expert wrestler signed beneath the ring name Natalya working on the brand new brand. She’s a part of the Hart Wrestling household and is famous as the very first third-generation female wrestler on the planet.

She’s a former Divas winner and SmackDown Women’s Champion. She surfaced in 2003 and wrestled overseas in Japan and England for a couple of decades. Neidhart won the WWE Divas Championship name in 2010. She’s been featured as the primary cast member of the reality series Complete Divas. She won her next WWE name in 2017 with a success from the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Natalya gets a yearly salary of $300,000 out of WWE and has appeared in many video games, adding to her enormous net worth which makes her one of the wealthiest female wrestlers on the planet.

3. Paige (Earnings: $260,000)

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Paige is a British professional wrestler also the beautiful actress who functions as the diva at WWE below the ring name Paige, working on the brand. She’s currently on break because of injury but this doesn’t impact her wages because she’s achieved remarkable contribution till date. Paige is a two-time Divas Champion and she had been the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion at the developmental division of WWE-NXT. Paige held the championships together with, which makes her first women wrestler to carry two championships concurrently in WWE history.

4. Charlotte Flair (Earnings: $240,000)

Charlotte Flair is an American professional wrestler and she had been the prior private trainer, who currently serves in WWE. The WWE Diva plays on the brand below the ring name -Charlotte Flair and known as the girl of the former professional wrestler called Ric Flair and she’s the sister of both Reid and David Flair. This WWE Diva was originally signed with WWE at the year 2012 and made her debut at WWE’s developmental brand termed NXT from the year 2013. You may estimate her elevated incomes as from the year 2014, she became NXT Women’s Champion and she had been called”Rookie of the Year” by Professional Wrestling Illustrated (temporarily as PWI).

5. Rosa Mendes (Earnings: $220,000)

The other high paid WWE Diva is Rosa Mendes, a gorgeous Canadian model and also retired professional wrestler who functioned as a wrestling manager in her profession. She began her career by competing at the Divas hunt. In 2009, she left her in-ring introduction in an 18 man tag team match.

She’s also worked as a version alongside wrestling to collect a net worth that makes her among the greatest paid WWE Divas. She’s a yearly salary of $220,000. She was also part of the primary cast of this fact show Complete Divas.

6. Brie Bella (Earnings: $200,000)

Brie Bella is among the most well-known in the feminine wrestling world. This American pro wrestler has formed a tag team called The Bella Twins together with her twin sister. The semi-retired wrestler has won the WWE Diva Championship and now fetches a yearly salary of $200,000 making her one of the wealthiest WWE female wrestlers.

Brie was renowned among the most popular WWE Divas on earth. The twins also have appeared at several circuits and championships and awarded amazing performances which obtained them such a Massive popularity among wrestling fans

7. Eva Marie (Earnings: $200,000)

The WWE Diva began her pro wrestling profession in 2013 by signing a contract with WWE and has been delegated to the Performance Center at Orlando.

She left her important roster introduction in precisely the exact same year after handling The Bella Twins for several months. Marie has also participated in modeling and has appeared in several TV series. She’s a yearly salary of $200,000 and is among the greatest paid WWE Divas. Presently, Eva Marie is the most trendy female WWE celebrity with a gorgeous face and a massive social networking presence.

8. Sasha Banks (Earnings: $180,000)

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Sasha Banks is known as an American professional wrestler who’s currently signed to WWE, where she appears on the brand new brand. From the year 2016, she became the first girls to headline a famed WWE pay-per-view occasion and she had been noticed that the first to compete at a Hell in a Cell match, the first female to major event Raw at a female’s match since the calendar year 2004.

9. Alicia Fox (Earnings: $180,000)

The other high paid WWE Diva is Victoria Elizabeth Crawford known from the ring title’Alicia Fox’. She had been an actress and version before leaping into wrestling. She began her professional wrestling career in 2006 by linking the Ohio branch of WWE. She’s the longest-tenured female wrestler having been with the firm as 2006 and on the primary roster since 2008.

10. Summer Rae (Earnings: $150,000)

The American professional wrestler, celebrity, model, and former football player, Summer Rae is among the hottest and highest paid WWE divas. She was a major cast member on the fact series Complete Divas throughout the second and the third seasons. She even signed a contract with WWE at 2011 and started her wrestling career in the developmental land Florida Championships Wrestling. She’s been employed as a wrestler, ring announcer, as well as director. She even made her in-ring debut game at a Hell in a Cell match where she won.

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