66 Best Scenic Road Trips in USA

Best Scenic Road Trips in the USA. Plan the road trip of their life with these magnificent journeys which highlight all of the attractiveness of America has to offer you. By shorelines to mountain shore, we have chosen the finest scenic paths to choose from sea to shining sea.

Highway 78 Alabama

US 78 requires you through Alabama’s part of the Appalachian Mountains, then transitions in the Talladega National Forest, on a two-lane strip of tarmac that ebbs and flows with the terrain.

Highway 179 Arizona

Obviously, you can’t ever fail using Route 66, and Arizona is home to a few of Route 66’s most iconic areas. Just beyond Sedona, nevertheless, is that the Red Rock Scenic Byway, which boasts everything from beautiful stone formations to Native American cliff dwellings.

Washington-Oregon Coast

Among the most spectacular coastlines in the world, that the Pacific Northwest presents rocky shores, turbulent waters, thick woods, and fantastic food. Found from the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington and keep to the southern tip of Oregon for a few of the best road trips in the United States.

Talimena Scenic Drive Arkansas

The Talimena Scenic Drive is just about 54 kilometers by itself, but the entirety of the 50-mile stretch has brightly colored vistas and twisting streets which are so enjoyable folks drive hundreds of miles simply to relish them.

Pacific Coast Highway California

The PCH is equally one of the most well-known and among of the most scenic roads in the united states and having a seemingly endless collection of corners, it is almost a pity if you are driving it with a destination in your mind instead of simply soaking in the travel.

Alaska Highway Anchorage, Alaska

Even though the majority of the street is paved, most parts are continuously under construction and regions of the street are just gravel. It is a street which should only be tried in the best of weather, typically during the summertime, but the wildlife and views along the way are worth the experience.

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Pikes Peak Colorado

Colorado is not just missing for scenic drives, however, the twisty stretch of tarmac on Pikes Peak is one of the deadliest in the total US. Growing up towards the clouds must be on anybody’s bucket list.

Great River Road Minnesota

Follow across the mighty Mississippi River from its start in Minnesota, All of the ways down into the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. This route is known as the Great River Road also it blows off 3,000 miles down the middle of the great nation, passing through 10 countries, where you are going to visit St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, and all in between.

State Route 197 Connecticut

Mile after mile of street goes with much over just a couple feet separating you out of thickly wooded mountains, and every so often, you will pass through a quaint small town that appears exactly the way the quaint little New England town ought to.

Big Island Loop Road Hawaii

The Island Loop Road of the Big Island of Hawaii offers panoramic views of beaches, mountains, lava fields, active volcanoes, black sand beaches, and heated swimming pools. This may be the most diverse in landscape you will ever see in one day.

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Kennett Pike Delaware

Delaware is not just a huge nation, but there is enormous wealth combined this 12.3-mile stretch of Highway 52: loads of amazing mountains, classic bridges, museums, and much more exorbitantly pleasant estates than anybody street should possess.

Seven Mile Bridge Florida

The open blue sea extending on all sides may find a little repetitive once you’re looking outside the window, however, it’s easy to appreciate the novelty of forcing one of the greatest bridges in the entire world.

State Route 197 Georgia

Head in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest and you will be rewarded with some pretty killer twists. Get out of your vehicle, however, and you will see the stunning scenery in this way.

Hana Highway Hawaii

Let us be sensible here. Hawaii is not just lacking in regards to scenery. However, the Hana Highway is a 52-mile stretch of twisting asphalt that is so tight, so you are going to do great just to average over 30 mph. And that is if you somehow can resist stopping to take pictures on the way.

Swan Falls Road, Western Heritage Byway, Idaho

This is a great street if you enjoy watching giant birds of prey. Or should you prefer tightly winding streets? Essentially, it is a fantastic enough reason to visit Idaho.

Grandview Drive Illinois

The grand view is a rather short stretch of street but combined it is a few of the nicest homes in the country and excellent views of the Illinois River. Back in 1910, Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed it”the planet’s most beautiful driveway,” so it has that going for it also.

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Ohio River Scenic Byway Indiana

The Ohio River Scenic Byway is 303 miles of background, character, and grapes. On this course, you pass through historical cities like Madison and enjoy classic and artist-laden roads. You might even have a look at the limestone gorges in Clifty Falls State Park or soda from the winery and await the appropriate time to begin driving again.

Musical Road Nashville, Tennessee

If you are a music lover, then Route 61 (also referred to as the Blues Highway) will be an ideal road trip for you, giving you the opportunity to listen to live music, see Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, and also watch renowned recording studios. End in New Orleans, where you will hear live jazz on the roads every day!

Loess Hills Trail Iowa

Iowa has a lot of formations known as losses, which can be essentially mountains made from silt. This means you find some fairly intriguing topography as you move across the country. Plus it is full of diverse flora, leading to some truly spectacular fall scenery that is officially qualified as a National Natural Landmark.

Route 77 Kentucky

What you are taking a look at is known as the Nada Tunnel, and while its title is taken out of a long-gone nearby town, it is also an apt description of the quantity of distance this one-lane tubing has. It functions as the entry to the Red River Gorge, which can be on multiple authorities registers because of its attractiveness.

US 90 Louisiana

Route 90 starts its Louisiana stretch in the boundary of Texas, crossing Sabine River to the southern tip of this country. It remains low for its 297.6 kilometers in the border, passing through historic cities such as Lake Charles, Morgan City, and New Orleans. On the way, travelers can find a flavor of Louisiana’s marshy lands, long prairies, and tasty Creole dishes.

Northern National Parks Road Wyoming

Explore both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park on this road trip filled with magnificent coastal scenery!

Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park Maine

Acadia National Park is a gorgeous place by itself, but throw in a smooth ring of asphalt, and you’ve got the most stereotypically stunning fall drive conceivable.

Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway Maryland

The Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway is a cultural excursion that runs through a number of the country’s most historical sites, from 18th-century courthouses and tea party places to former plantations.

Mohawk Trail Massachusetts

Despite conjuring images of a lot of 1980s punks on bikes, the Mohawk Trail was known for more than a century among the most scenic streets in the whole Northeast. Do not allow a century fool you, however, it had been used for centuries earlier this by Native Americans and early settlers.

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Southwest National Parks Road Trip Arizona

This nature-packed road excursion will permit you to view five magnificent national parks such as the Grand Canyon, Zions’, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, and Arches.

Woodward Avenue, Michigan

Detroit’s Woodward Avenue is much more than simply an important stretch of street in America’s cultural and financial history. Each year, over 40,000 of the world’s best cars descend on Woodward to get involved in a 16-mile cruise to observe the car and also raise money for charity. And more than 1 million people appear only to observe this spectacle in movement.

Highway 61 Minnesota

Beautiful mountains and magnificent cliffs overlooking the Mississippi River are just part of the appeal here. The street actually follows the shapes of the river fairly tightly, which means you are never too far from the border. You may never need to stop, however, unless you’ve got your passport, you won’t have any option after about two weeks when you hit on the Canadian border.

Natchez Trace Parkway Mississippi

The Natchez Trace Parkway was formerly a part of a crucial source route constituting Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Back then, however, the 444-mile course was walked by boatmen, who had been accountable for drifting products down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, then getting home.

Highway 19 Missouri

Highway 19 goes from Thayer to New London and, along the road, you get a flavor of American history along with the property we made it on. Hermann is a stunning village to cruise beyond and, farther down the street, you can capture views of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

New York City To Finger Lakes New York

After loving the hectic town life, escape to the Fingerlakes area of upper state New York. Love scenery, culture, fantastic food and wineries on the way.

Beartooth Highway Montana

If you have ever been to Yellowstone, there is a fair chance that you happen to be to the Beartooth Highway, because it is one of the very few ways to the park. If you are not the camping type, consider it this way: over 11,000feet it is not too far away of Pikes Peak, is equally as stunning, and is a lot less traffic.

US Route 83 Nebraska

US Route 83 runs 222 miles through Nebraska, carrying travelers throughout stabilized dunes, river valleys, and design by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Winding Road in Valley of the Fire Nevada

If you are heading into Vegas, jump off Interstate 15 to get a fast visit to Mars. Millions of years back, shifting sand dunes formed a magnificent region of southern from the southern tip of Nevada. The drive provides a range of warm colors in stripes, by the prevailing rustic red to orange and cream-colored Slickrock.

Black Hills Of South Dakota Deadwood, South Dakota

The Black Hills of South Dakota provide more than simply Mount Rushmore. Drive across the Badlands Scenic Byway, making stops in Custer State Park, Wind Cave National Park and the notorious Wall Drug. Watch out for bison on the street.

Kancamagus Highway New Hampshire

State Route 112 has basically everything you would ever want at a street. Great overlooking places, lots of tall trees, mountains, lakes, even some fictitious American history websites, because of its colonial heritage.

State Route 49 New Jersey

If you truly wish to debunk your New Jersey stereotypes — and then face it, you have got a couple — mind SR 49, since it’s a little bit of what NJ has to offer you.

El Camino Real New Mexico

This is surely among the most storied streets on this listing. El Camino Real was initially employed by Spanish explorers in the late 16th century, but it is also home to a fairly righteous stone formation.

Maine Lobster Trail Milbridge, Maine

Learn more about the southeastern corner of Maine, also called”Downeast Maine” as you push across the Lobster Path on Coastal Route 1. This vibrant and flavorful trip will take you through amazing coastlines and forests while offering yummy and adventuresome stops where you are able to locate lobster and all sorts of fish. Try your hand in some regional actions like clam digging or goat milking.

Hawk’s Nest New York

Take Route 97 from Port Jervis, along with your following 90 minutes will probably be full of an impossibly beautiful chain of bends abutted by sheer rock faces on one side, along with a steep fall overlooking the Delaware River on the other.

Sakakawea Scenic Byway North Dakota

Realistically, this can be much more historic than scenic. But that background is really, really cool — the Lewis and Clark exploration setup camp. And sightseeing the Missouri River is not too shabby either.

Highway 52 Ohio

Running alongside the Ohio River for the majority of its route, Highway 52 runs directly past a few really awesome barns which are 100 percent Americana… right down to the cigarette advertisements.

Grand Teton National Park To Glacier National Park

Investigate two national parks at 1 street trip by driving from Grand Teton National Park into Glacier National Park. The push across the way will offer a number of the most varied landscapes in the U.S.

Talimena Scenic Drive Oklahoma

Another half of this scenic drive that begins in Arkansas is just as sweet on the Oklahoma side of this edge. As a bonus, you will find loads of smaller unwanted drives which are worth a random flip here and there.

Pacific Coast Highway Oregon

Yes, even the 101 is the exact same Coast-adjacent road that is so stunning in California. And Oregon includes a few zillion amazing streets, not the least of which will be the Historic Columbia River Highway, but the mix of waves on rocks and trees hills extending for miles is all that tough to conquer.

Blue Ridge Parkway Shenandoah National Park

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most popular road trips in the US. Stops along the way include Skyline Drive (particularly beautiful in the autumn ), Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge, and Asheville.

Martin Luther King Drive Pennsylvania

Kelly Drive includes all of the street cred (heh), but Martin Luther King Drive has improved views, particularly of the renowned 19th-century boathouses along Schuylkill River. It is among the fastest paths to Philly but includes a lot of spots worth quitting, including the local art museum as well as the lake’s neighboring playground area.

Ocean Drive Rhode Island

Rhode Island could be a fairly small country, however, a cruise Ocean Drive surely makes up for this. Apparently, every home is a masterpiece that is so well thought out you may forget to check at the sea behind you.

Outer Banks Scenic Byway Carova, North Carolina

North Carolina’s Route 12, otherwise called the Outer Banks Scenic Byway crosses 21 coastal villages and 138 kilometers of paved street and 25 ferry-traveling miles along the shore of North Carolina. Dotted with lighthouses, museums, homes, and hotels, the Outer Banks is a fantastic shore road trip.

Botany Bay Road South Carolina

This might just be a 0.4-mile stretch of street serving as an entry to an old farm, but a ) it’s really, really creepy in a Sleepy Hollow type of manner, and B) it is situated on Edisto Island, that can be among the most gorgeous areas in all South Carolina.

Highway 16A South Dakota

This is the street that leads you beyond Mount Rushmore. It is also not very lengthy, so in the event that you take, it unifies with I-90 and heads directly past Sturgis, home of the notorious annual Harley Davidson rally.

Olympic Peninsula Seattle, Washington

Explore Washington’s Olympic Peninsula with this panoramic road trip which takes you through the Olympic National Park and Forest along with the lush Hoh Rainforest. You will find fantastic places along the way for hiking, hiking, and wildlife preservation.

The tail of the Dragon Tennessee

It is just 11 mph, and this stretch of Highway 129 includes 318 curves, over sufficient to lure fans who travel from throughout the country to try their hands in the gorgeous and at times dangerous, street.

The capital of Texas Highway Loop 360 Texas

Loop 360 is ideal for early morning traveling; the scenic nature of the east side makes for completely breathtaking sunrise vistas, notably within the Pennybacker Bridge. Apart from a vibrant scene across the Colorado River, it is possible to push through rocky terrain and the Bull Creek Watershed or capture an ideal view of Austin’s state capitol building close to the entrance to Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.

Route 66 Santa Monica Pier, California

Practice in the path of your grandparents by simply choosing a quintessential cross-country street excursion along one of those first highways at the U.S., Route 66. This street isn’t traveled very frequently today that the Interstate Highway program is created, but it’s still possible to see many old cities that once flourished in the center of the last century across The Mother Road. Route 66 crosses 8 countries and dozens of historical sites along the way.

US Highway 89 Utah

Over the course of 124 kilometers, US 89 runs basically every sort of terrain Utah has, and Utah is not just a boring state in regards to terrain.

Connecticut River Byway Vermont

Would you enjoy bridges? Yes? Great. Then this could be your favorite drive of time. There is literally another bridge every couple of miles along the twisty route of US 5 and also Vermont Highway 142. Not contemporary bridges. Old ones. The sort that has roofs, which creak if you drive them over. You will find 20 to cross, so bring a camera.

Ultimate Florida Road St. Augustine, Florida

Watch the vast majority of Florida by circling the whole country, beginning at St. Augustine(America’s oldest city ) then bring your inner-child at Orlando, eat your way through Miami, and then unwind on the beach in Clearwater, then learn more about the panhandle at Destin. This course is lengthy, but the scenery and stops are breathtaking.

Skyline Drive Virginia

Truly, Skyline is a part of the identical street as the Blue Ridge Parkway, and you can imagine why it is named Skyline only from looking at this picture. The speed limit here is 45 miles, and Virginia is notorious for the speed-limit enforcement, so this one is all about what you may look in as you crawl across.

Chuckanut Drive Washington

It has existed since 1895, although clearly, the pure elegance of this densely populated woods and steep cliffs existed for just a bit longer than that.

State Route 16 West Virginia

West Virginia’s scenic terrain is not only pretty to look at, but it also had a massive impact on the country’s wealth as a coal-mining area. As you move up and down mountains, and across gorges on bridges such as the magnificent New River Gorge Bridge (revealed ), you will also find the remnants of the mining convention in the shape of the continuing reclamation projects, and shut mines.

Cross Country On The I-90 Boston, Massachusetts

We have done this drive several times from necessity. It is more exciting to get it done if it is only for fun. The I-90 crosses 3,000 kilometers across the whole nation from Boston to Seattle or vice versa, running across the northern portion of the U.S.

Marinette County Waterfalls Tour Wisconsin

There is a 125-mile stretch of street in Wisconsin’s Marinette County which includes 14 distinct waterfalls on the way. Complete instructions are here, however, the best part is the majority of them are near enough to the parking space which you may walk.

Anchorage To Seward Anchorage, Alaska

Even though small, this stunningly beautiful road provides incredible stops such as visiting the Bore Tide in the Turnagain Arm, glacier hiking, berry picking, fishing, rafting, biking and much more. Once in Seward, it is possible to finish off your trip using a fishing trip or a wildlife refuge at the Kenai Fjords National Park where you are going to sail one of the whales, puffins, seals and much more.

Beartooth Highway Wyoming

Much like Montana, the Beartooth Highway is the very best of the Very Best in Wyoming. The drops are somewhat steep, and you are two miles in the skies, which means you may only wish to stop in the respective vistas to receive your photography completed, mkay?

Canada to Mexico

Hit three states in 1 epic road trip by beginning in British Columbia, Canada and employing this itinerary all of the way to the boundary of U.S. and Mexico to Tijuana.

Whatever road excursion you opt for this summer, make sure you prepare your vehicle for an epic road trip and put in a HumX on your automobile to take the stress out of your trip and also to get you on the street!

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