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Roti Maker USA | Best Roti Maker by StarBlue. As life is getting hectic with each passing day, the technology aims to provide the best solution to create eases. Roti maker by StarBlue is an addition to the list of comforts that technology has created. Life in the USA is equally tough for both men and women. But there is no match for homemade food. Therefore, Roti maker USA by StarBlue is a great way to economize the time spent in Roti making. You’ll get the homemade Roti without wasting the time required for Roti making and later to clean up the mess.roti maker usa

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Why Roti Maker by StarBlue is the best Roti maker?

This premium quality Roti maker allows you to make the perfect 10-inch Roti and tortillas. You’ll get an amazing texture and a slightly crispy Roti that you’ll surely love. Roti maker by StarBlue is the best Roti maker due to the following pros you get:

Non-Stick Cooking Plates

How your food looks are really important. A good presentation enhances the flavor as well. Roti maker by StarBlue has plates that are made up of non-stick material. This allows you to make Rotis and tortillas that are perfect in shape and taste. Due to these non-stick plates, Roti will not break or stick to the plates.

Neon Indicator

To ease your experience, Roti maker has a neon indicator. The red light is an indication of a power supply and the green light signals that it has acquired the perfect temperate to make Roti. This temperature indicator is really helpful as timing is most important in Roti making process.

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Stainless Steel Body

Won’t you love to invest your money into something that lasts for years? The stainless-steel body of the best Roti maker USA is specially designed to provide great durability over the years. It also protects the Roti maker from erosion and external damage. You’ll get performance and durability that will worth the price you pay for it.

Easy to handle

You can easily operate, clean, and store Roti maker. For operating, you have neon indicators that help a lot. To clean, you’ll just need a wet cloth. And for storing it safely you can wrap the cord around the bottom of the base.

Your Satisfaction is a priority

You can be fully satisfied while adding this product to the cart because in case of any concern you can get a 100% money-back guarantee from StarBlue. You can return to the best Roti maker in USA within 4 months if you’re not satisfied.

How to use it?

Making Rotis and tortillas with this Roti maker is extremely easy. You can follow the steps below to get the best results:

  1. Connect the Roti maker with the power supply. As you do this, both red and green light will go on. After 3 to 5 minutes, the green light will go off. This is the time when the Roti Maker has acquired the optimum temperature for making Roti. Without proper heating, the Rotis may stick with plates and break into pieces. To avoid this situation, the proper heating temperature is important.
  2. Knead the dough properly and keep it for about 1 hour before making Rotis. Then, make a dough piece of about 1 inch in size and place it on the lower plate of the Roti maker.
  3. Now, close the upper plate fast. Maintain this position for nearly a second and open quickly. Place the Roti in the center and let it cook for about 15-20 seconds.
  4. Turn the side of Roti and again cook it for 15-20 seconds.
  5. Turn over the Roti once more. When you notice air bubbles after 15-20 seconds, then you should close the Roti make. But not press it firmly as this will not make your Roti fluffy. Remove the Roti from Roti maker when it becomes fluffy. Avoid using metal utensils to make Roti as they can damage the non-stick cooking plates.
  6. After you have made Roti, remove the power supply, and let your Roti maker cool before storing it.

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Some Important Tips

When it comes to electrical appliances you should always be careful. Please remember the following points to get the best experience with Roti maker.

  • Avoid placing Roti maker near water. It can be damaging to the device and can harm you as well.
  • Always wait until the Roti maker attains the optimum temperature before you start making Rotis.
  • Before you use the device, read the instructions carefully in the manual or you can check out some online videos.

Get your money’s worth

With thousands of satisfied customers, it is the best Roti maker that you can get at an affordable price. With such good aspects, it’s a good deal for the money you’ll pay for it. Make your life easier with an easy-to-use Roti maker in the USA.

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