Top 10 Differences Between America and Canada

Top 10 Differences Between Canada And America. Let’s start our top 10 differences between the USA and Canada. Let us know, in the comments below, are there any differences that we did not include.

10. Thanksgiving

We Have Thanksgiving Both America and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving, but these are different holidays. Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday of October and was created to celebrate the harvest and thank the past year for it. Now, many Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday and use Monday as the day to go. I celebrated Thanksgiving this year in Canada and it was incredible! Thanksgiving is celebrated in America on the fourth Thursday of November. The holiday also dedicated to the harvest and peace between the Pilgrims and Native Americans. In America, people have 2 days off, and not like in Canada – one. They have one – Thanksgiving itself, and the next – Black Friday, something like a frantic shopping day, where everyone tramples each other.

9. Age Limit for Drinking Alcohol

It’s legal to drink in Canada since 19, but in the States, you cannot drink until you are 21. 18 in England. Haha. Most of you can drink at 19 in Canada, if you live in Ontario, as I need you to try to buy liquor at the liquor store after 10 pm because they are closed. And in the USA, most Valmartes will sell you.

8. Iced Tea

I learned this in a hard way. In Canada, like almost everywhere in the world, it is a pleasantly sweet drink served cold, with the taste of peach or lemon. In America, it’s just iced tea. Cold tea! Cold black brewed tea without additives. Among other things, they have what Canadians call iced tea, but they call it sweet. Americans call it what it is.

7. Coffee Starbucks vs Tim Hortons

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Moving to Canada, I did not think that Tim Hortons would be a mass thing. But to be honest, this is a national organization here. Everyone loves her. A huge number of Canadians I know go to Tim Hortons once a week, if not once a day. They bake incredible things called Timbits. These are small donuts, very beautiful. Everyone loves coffee from Tim Hortons. There is Starbucks in Canada. But Tim Hortons is preferred by Canadians. In America, however, Starbucks is the largest network. The first branch opened in Seattle and quickly spread throughout the country, if not around the world. If you walk down a street in America you will probably notice many Americans holding a Starbucks labeled glass. By the way, however, many people do not know that Canadians, in fact, drink more coffee than Americans average per person.

6. Speech

In Canada, the accent is very similar to the American, but they are slightly different. For example, I noticed that people say a lot of “e.” Also in Canada, different dialects in different states and regions. They do not sound so much different than American dialects. For example, in America, there may be a person from the south who sounds completely unlike someone from Boston. Texas. New York.

5. Currency

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America and Canada use something called the Dollar, but in fact, they are two separate currencies. The Canadian dollar looks very unlike the American one. It is very colored and a 50-dollar bill smells like maple syrup. Some people tried to tell me that this was not true, but, honestly, take a fresh fifty or a fresh pack of fifty, why not, maybe they paid you a salary. Smell them, it’s maple syrup, for sure! On Canadian bills, there is a queen. Although in the US they have different government officials.

4. Spelling

 Americans and Canadians speak and write English. One of which is American English and the other is Canadian English. None of them, however, are British English. Just like the British, Canadians use “u” in words like favourite, colour, neighbor. But as Americans, they will write “z” instead of “s” in words like materialize, visualize. Canadians also use two ” l “to spell the word traveler. Canadians pronounce the letters differently from Americans. For example, I say zed, Canadians say zed, but in the states, they say zi.

3. Size and population

Canada is essentially larger than America. Canada has an area of ​​3,855,000 square miles. And the total land area of ​​America is 3,794,000 square miles. But the US population is 10 times larger than the population of Canada. About 35.5 million people live in Canada, while America has a whopping 307 million. Canada has a lot of space, but not many people.

2. Weapon laws

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The second amendment would be It was written more than 250 years ago, in 1791. But Americans continue to adhere to the right to bear arms. There may have been fewer people in the 18th century, but you know what the difference is. This is their right. Right? From 2001 to 2013, 406 thousand people killed by firearms in the United States. In the same period, only 3 thousand people died due to terrorism and these figures include the victims of the terrible September 11 attack.

I fully understand war and terrorism, but war must be against weapons. Weapons kill 100 times more people than terrorism. Weapons crimes in Canada, leading to deaths, are 75% lower. That’s because their gun laws are much stricter. Canada certainly has weapons, but they use it very, very more limited. Firearms must be registered, people applying for their own weapons must pass a criminal background check. Most people use weapons for hunting in northern Canada. Not for shooting people.

1. Healthcare

America is incredible, there are so many places to visit Canada. But what comes first in the differences between these two beautiful countries? I will tell you! This is healthcare. Now, for me, this is the biggest difference between Canada and the USA. Canadian residents can get free treatment if they are injured or hit by a bus; they do not need to sell a house to pay for treatment if they are not insured. In Canada, a huge part of healthcare is free. Under “free” I mean, what I said, if you are hit by a bus, you should not sell the house. However, you must pay for such things as prescribed medications, nurses, glasses. This is all due to the 1984 Health Act and it regulates the quality of care that people receive.

In the USA, however, if you get sick and you are not safe, you have a problem! Fortunately, many people get insurance covering their work. But if this happens outside the workplace or becomes ill with something that is not indicated in the insurance, they may be in danger. Now many from the USA say that when they pay for healthcare they get the best quality of service. As for me, I want to be sure that if I fall somewhere on the street, someone will pick me up without checking my bank account.

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