Top 10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds In the USA

Top 10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds In the USA. Humans and horses share the emotional strings of love and trust with each other. This strong connection and companionship are on the basis of heartily non-verbal talks. There are about 600 horse breeds in the whole world, and every one of them is prepossessing. But, here we will mention the Top 10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds in the USA.

Let’s begin the countdown:

10. Tennessee Walking Horse

10. Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee walking horse is the classiest one on this list. Their particular gait is the reason behind their identity. In the above picture, you can also see the stunning posture of a Tennessee walking horse. They are the most suitable horses for riding purposes, and it’s because of their calm nature.

Firstly, the farmers used them. But later on, Tennessee was also part of many movies, dramas, and TV shows.

Origin: Southern United States

Height: 15 to 16 hands

Weight: 500 to 600 kg

Lifespan: 30 years

9. Standardbred

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The dark-brown coat with a strong body, this horse is known as Standardbred. They are popular in their circle because of their sturdiness and exceptional speed. Also, it’s the key reason for their top position in harness racing.

Origin: Northern United States

Height: 14 to 17 hands

Weight: 360 to 450 kg

Lifespan: 25 years

Nature has gifted Standardbred the bewildering equestrian abilities with mind-boggling beauty. Its attire has three different colors like brown, grey, and black.

8. Thoroughbred

We will call Thoroughbred the “Handsome Hunk” of the horses.

This horse is famous for its extraordinary speed. Moreover, these three terms, dexterity, speed, and spirit, give the ultimate definition of Thoroughbred.

 Racing is their passion, but they have to pay a heavy price for this. One of the major concerning factors upon which many types of research are going on is the lung bleeding disorder in Thoroughbred. I hope the medical team will find the solution soon.

Origin: Southern and Northern United States

Height: 16 hands

Weight: 450 kg

Lifespan: 25 – 28 years

7. Paso Fino

Paso Fino has shiny light-brown attire with long black hair. Besides, there posh postures and gait; their fame is in trail riding. Originally this breed is from Spain. But later on, Paso Fino was imported to the United States.

Furthermore, they are known as “The smoothest riding horse in the world”. Truly, Paso Fino owns this title because of its exemplary equestrian abilities.

Origin: United States

Height: 15.2 hands

Weight: 317- 450 kg

Lifespan:  20 years

6. American Quarter Horse

Just look at this muscled-shiny body of American Quarter Horse. The silky hairs and the white-broad line on the face are describing nature’s artistry. Meanwhile, they are the oldest breeds of the USA. And are known for covering the shortest distances in a compact span of time.

American Quarter is a racehorse. But known to be best in other activities like show jumping, hunting, and many more.

Origin: United States

Height: 14.3 to 16 hands

Weight: 431 – 544 kg

Lifespan: 25 -35 years

5. Mustangs

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In this whole list, only Mustangs fall under the category of the Wildest Horses. Furthermore, they are famous because of their free-roaming nature. These three terms have given the best description of Mustangs:

Free, Wild, and Full of Spirit!

They have various other coats of light skin or dark brown color. It would be lovely if we share an old memory here. Back in the days, a movie named Spirit was the talk of the town. It was an animated movie on the wild Mustang horse and depicts that these wild creatures will fight back if someone tries to disturb their peace. In short, it was the war for freedom.

Origin: Western and Northern United States

Height: 15 hands

Weight: 360 kg

Lifespan: 40 years

4. American Paint Horse

It’s the second most popular and largest breed in the USA. Besides their popularity, this motherland has awarded them with spellbinding winsomeness. No, denial in this scenario. Furthermore, they are calm and polite in nature. So, if anyone wants to learn horse riding then, the American Paint horse is the best option.

Origin: Northern United States

Height: 14.2 – 15.2 hands tall

Weight: 430 – 544 kg

Lifespan: 31 years

3. Friesian

Friesian is the most graceful horse. I have ever witnessed!

Its beauty is beyond Human expectations. Candidly its thick, long black hairs have given tough competition to many females.

On the other hand, they are highly skilled and well-mannered horses. Easy to handle, and beginners can also learn to ride them. They have helped humans in wars, in lifting heavy weights, and in non-stop working. Therefore, they are the best ones in horses.

Origin: United States

Height: 14.2 – 17 hands

Weight: 544 – 635 kg

Lifespan: 16 years

2. Appaloosa

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What a voluptuous creature is it!

Appaloosa is a leopard textured-skin horse breed. Its popularity is because of the exceptional dotted coat. Nature has adorned it with eye-catching attires of brown-white, grey-black, and many other coats.

Moreover, they are also part of many sports like barrel racing, cutting, roping, e.t.c. Appaloosa is also known as a Sports horse.

Origin: Northern America

Height: 14.2 – 16 hands

Weight: 450 – 500 kg

Lifespan: 30 years

1. Morgan Horse

Stunning, elegant, and curvaceous!

Morgan Horse is the very first breed of the United States and is the most beautiful one. Its strong muscular body, with a shiny brownish coat and long hairs, is pulchritudinous.

If you are looking forward to learning horse riding, then Morgan Horse is the best option. Furthermore, they are friendly in nature, and even a kid can handle this versatile creature. Morgan Horse has this desire to fulfill all the requirements of its owner. Besides, it clearly emphasizes their learning and friendly qualities.

There’s an interesting fact about this macho horse is its proud nature. They use to hold their tails and head straight as compared to other breeds.

Origin: Northern United States

Height: 14.1 – 15.2 hands

Weight: 400 – 500 kg

Lifespan: 20 – 30 years

Final Thoughts

We have summarized this list based on the beauty, characteristics, and habits. You may want to do a bit of shuffle in this summary because every eye has its standard of beauty. At last, we hope that you will find this article helpful.

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