Top 10 US Cities with Best Weather

Top 10 US Cities with Best Weather. Today we’re gonna take a look at what most people would consider the best places for the weather in the country. We’re looking at is that happy medium a place that never gets too hot never gets too cold and in general just a nice place to live. Where you could wear shorts 12 months of the year and nobody stares at you. Most of the cities on this list are the type of places the local weatherman can show reruns and nobody would really notice during certain parts of the year. It’s 68 and Pleasant today tomorrow on the next day. Here are my top ten cities with the best weather in the United States.

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10. St. George Utah

It should be no surprise that Utah is on a list about something pleasant. Most everything in Utah’s Pleasant. The people to see real cultural and yes the weather. Utah in some situations is so pleasant, it’s kind of nauseating. Utah’s known for its beautiful mountain views and clear skies. St. George is the perfect place for this type of thing. As far as the weather goes they rarely ever get those crazy 120 degree weather days like Vegas. For seven or eight months a year St. George stays in that sweet spot between 75 and 55. What makes this place pretty cool if you’re less than two hours away from Vegas. Every year about a quarter of the 84,000 residents from St. George make that trip.

9. Portland Oregon

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I know everyone’s heard the stories about the horrible rain. This is where I live and I can tell you firsthand the rain isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. It rains a good portion of the year but it hardly is ever anything more than a light rain or a drizzle. The downside is the light rain and drizzle happens more often than other places in this country. Portland is very laid-back when it comes to weather.

Winters aren’t brutal at all, temperatures getting as low as the mid-30s most the time with the occasional snow dusting. The summers are great in Portland Oregon and only get into the 90s a few days during the hottest time of the year. They never get in 105 anything near that. Most of the summer is 75 to 85 degrees and the humidity is pretty low. So you won’t feel like you’re drowning on dry land in the summer like you wouldn’t say Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi. Portland stays in that sweet spot six to seven months a year.

8. Hot Springs Arkansas

US Cities with Best Weather

 Hot-Springs Arkansas is a great place, great landscape, nice city, great people ate at a Waffle House. Hot springs are right outside of the watched on National Forest and have the watch atop River running right beside the city. This is a nice place to go for a swim when the summer heat gets going. I mean it only gets up to the mid-90s during the summer so you’re not looking at those 105-degree temperatures you get in some of the southern states. It’s just nice and pleasant the winter temperatures tend to stay around the 50s nothing terrible nice and medium.

7. Sherman Texas

US Cities with Best Weather

Have you ever heard of it, most people haven’t. Sherman Texas is a small town of about 40,000 residents near the Oklahoma border. Winters here are pretty mild with temperatures dropping maybe to the mid-30s during the night and then raising up to the mid-’50s during the day. They get the occasional rainy day nothing major. During the summer temperatures rise up to the high 80s and mid-90s during the hottest times the year. This is the northern section of Texas so it doesn’t get crazy like other places in the state.

6. Sarasota Florida

Sarasota is home to just under sixty thousand residents and is considered by many ones of the best places to live in the United States. The city is on the more western side of the state of Florida on Sarasota Bay right off the Gulf of Mexico. Now Florida gets the humidity pretty bad here but when you’re near the ocean or the Gulf, in this case, it isn’t as bad.

In reality, there are about 10 different cities in Florida that could have easily slipped into this slot. I had to look at statewide averages to really decide which one was best. Locals love Sarasota for its warm summer days that reached into the 90s but nothing crazy hot. The winners hardly ever get under sixty degrees. Most of the year like nine months a year it stays pretty much in that sweet spot. The place is also filled with retirees.

5. Greenville South Carolina

Best winter weather cities in US

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Greenville is a smaller city of just under seventy thousand residents. The city is great because you get warm in the summer like most of the southern areas. The humidity doesn’t get as bad as let’s say Mississippi or Alabama. But you still get it and in the winter you get a small chill the average summer temperatures around 85 degrees. While the winter temperatures hardly ever dip below the mid-30s. During the day at least seven months of the year, they stay pretty close to that sweet spot. Greenville also has one of my favorite features of any city I’ve probably ever visited. The Reedy Falls it’s in the center of town. The Greenville is actually the only city I believe I’ve ever been to that has a natural waterfall in town.

4. Boise Idaho

cities with the best weather in the US

Boise is the largest city in Idaho with about 230,000 residents. The summer temperatures can rise into the 90s during just June and July. It’s between 30 and 40 degrees during December and January in the winter. Not terrible it’s only two months on each side that kind of get bad. Although it can get pretty cold here it stays relatively dry. The average amount of rain in the city is about 19 inches a year. The average for the U> Is 39 inches so they’re well below the average. They do get some snow during the winter but nothing like Green Bay or Minneapolis. Boise is a great city all around that’s probably why so many people are moving here. It’s one of the most moves to cities in the country right now.

3. San Diego California

US Cities with Best Weather

San Diego is one of the best places to go in your search for the best weather in the country. The winters here are very mild, the temperatures usually float around the mid to high 60s. In the summers temperatures can rise into the low 80s. Thankfully the oceans right there and it offers a nice cool breeze during the summer. It could get a little hotter if the ocean wasn’t there but I mean the oceans not going anywhere.  San Diego is normally in the top 5 when ranking the quality of life. A big part of that quality of life is the weather and burritos. You have to love a city that goes heavy on casual wear and burritos

2. Hilo Hawaii

US Cities with Best Weather

Hilo is located on the Big Island and by most people’s standards, this is paradise. It is ideal for year-round weather since the average high temperature is around 85 degrees with the average low being around 65. So this is Hawaii you should expect high humidity frequently. Thankfully the cities right next to the ocean and Hilo Bay so that kind of takes care of the humidity most the time. The real downside of living in Hilo is the price and a lot of that price comes because of the weather. People flock to great weather which raises the price on everything. A freaking gallon of milk in Hilo is in between seven and eight dollars.

1. Cape Coral Florida

Cape Coral is one of those places you dream about living if you want to live on the beach day after day. It’s about an hour and a half south of Sarasota which was on the list earlier. The average temperature in the summer gets to be around 92 degrees. Making the ocean a nice place to cool down and it’s right on the ocean. While in the winter the low is usually around the mid to high 50s. Still being perfect for beach activities like walks, maybe a dip in the ocean, volleyball, wearing a fanny pack on the beach with a speedo.

All right so that’s my top ten cities with the best weather. I hope you guys enjoyed the article and you had some information out of it.

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  1. Florida ?? Really ?? The heat and humidity are TERRIBLE 9 months out of the year. Chattanooga is the best city in the nation to live, but please don’t tell anyone ! 😉

  2. I was hoping a search on “best weather” would include considerable relative safety from wildfires (& volcanoes! I’m phobic), storms, floods, drought, etc., and, t’would be nice, if the powers that be in the region were doing anything PRACTICAL about the crises–not just whining about to what degree they recognize Climate Change (SO amorphous!) and pretending that bond/tax schemes alleged to to help those problems, but actually go to committees and building new conference centers or workbooks to inform little schoolkids, and not a danged thing about 21st Century technology for first responders or using Free Energy to desalinize & clean up water and get the excess to the too dry, replant devastated lands, etc.

    Yes, I’m old=grumpy for good reason, but, God bless us every one, and make us wise up in a hurry!

  3. I have to disagree with your choices, but I’m not even concerned with those. I just want to say if you want to write articles such as this, you should enroll in a basic grammar class. If I were your English teacher, this writing sample would be dripping in red!
    …from a retired English teacher

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