Top 10 Most Expensive Things Owned by Jeff Bezos

Top 10 most expensive things owned by Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world with a net worth of anywhere from 140 to 150 billion dollars. He’s one of the few men to hear Dr. Evil demands a hundred billion and thinks he should aim a bit higher. He attended Princeton University and spent some time working at a hedge fund on wall street. He then moved to Seattle and while working out of his garage started up a small bookselling website called Amazon. The site has grown into an absolute monolith and Bezos still enjoys 16% ownership in it, along with all the perks of being its CEO. There’s a lot one can do with a 150 billion. Bezos has spent his money in plenty of interesting ways. Here are the top 10 things Jeff Bezos spins his money on.

10. The Largest House in Washington DC


In 2016 Bezos purchased the largest mansion in Washington dc paying 23 million in cash to make it his own. It’s actually an old textile museum and consists of two homes. Both are over a hundred years old and connected by a walkway. Overall the mansion stretches out over 27 thousand square feet which you might think would be more than enough for anybody. Jeff Bezos, however, would disagree as his goal is to make the place even bigger. In April 2018 the Washingtonian obtained blueprints for the extension Bezos has in mind for his new not so humble abode costing an additional 12 million.

Bezos is looking to add until his mansion has 25 bathrooms, 11 bedrooms, 5 living rooms, 3 kitchens, and a gigantic ballroom among other amenities. Bezos wants his home to be the ultimate in dc socializing and with digs like that he’s sure to meet his goal. But a globe-trotting celebrity like Bezos can’t simply settle for one house rather his dc mansion is simply his fifth home. As he currently owns estates all across the United States. He owns a – home property in Medina Washington state, a – home property in Beverly Hills California, a ranch house in van horn texas, and several condos in central park new york city along with his dc mega-mansion.

9. The Space Race

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Running Amazon isn’t Jeff Bezos his only passion. He also much like fellow billionaires Elon Musk and Richard Branson are fascinated with space, particularly space tourism. This fascination was sparked when Bezos was just five years old and watched the Apollo moon landings. And in 2000 Bezos founded the company Blue Origin whose goal is to someday make space travel affordable for all. Recognizing that sending people into space is expensive Bezos sells off roughly a billion dollars of Amazon stock every year to fund Blue Origin, reports the new york times. The venture appears to be paying off as their ninth test flight on July 18th, 2018 carried actual people 393 thousand feet into the air past.

The three hundred and eighty thousand feet mark that is considered the border between earth and space. The company hopes to have actual customers tour in space sometime in 2019. Bezos’s love of space isn’t limited to mere tourism. He also uses his money to preserve space travels past. As an example in 2013, he financed the recovery of pieces of rocket engines from those pivotal Apollo missions that landed men on the moon. These pieces had sunk 14,000 feet down in the Atlantic ocean, deeper than even the Titanic. One of these pieces a restored f1 booster from Apollo 12 was donated by NASA to Seattle’s Museum of flight in 2015 at Bezos’ request.

8. A Gulfstream G-650ER Jet

For someone worth such an insane amount of money it’s surprising that Jeff Bezos’s personal methods of transportation are so humble. Most famously after taking amazon public and amassing over 12 billion. In the process, Bezos still insisted on driving to work in the most modest of vehicles, a 1996 honda accord by 2013. He was still driving a simple honda albeit a bigger one it’s all part of his drive to as he explained to 60 minutes in 1999. Spend money on things that matter to customers and not spending money on things that don’t. But that doesn’t mean Bezos completely devoted to frugality in his travels.

He spares no expense for occasions when driving a Honda simply won’t cut it. Such as when he must fly not only does Bezos take a private jet he owns said jet through his holding company poplar glen. It’s a top-of-the-line 2015 Gulfstream g-650er valued at an incredible 65 million dollars and has been touted as the longest range business jet in the world according to the Robb Report. It can reach speeds of Mach 0.92 5 or 704 miles an hour and can travel 7,500 nautical miles without needing to refuel. The planes insides are pure luxury with incredibly spacious and comfortable seating. As well as a cabin that gets completely new fresh air every two minutes.

7. So Many Investments

It’s hard to spend a hundred and fifty billion on yourself. So Jeff Bezos instead spends it on multiple investments across various fields. He even has a website devoted to tabulating his many investments as is befitting a man who made his billions online. Bezos is big on investing in technology particularly the kind that helps connect people and keep them informed. He’s put money into twitter given over 50 million in venture capital to business insider. And invested in social platforms like teach street which helps provide students with information about classes and teachers in their area. ZocDoc which helps people find affordable doctors in their area, and next door a social media site devoted to happenings in once a local neighborhood.

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Bezos’s investments often pay off greatly. In the case of the workday, it’s initial public offering after going public thanks to Bezos’s investment earned the company 684 million dollars. Bezos is also a fan of investing in travel companies as well. He put 120 million to financing Airbnb and invested 35 million into oba. Then there are the more traditional investments such as print news. Through his group, nash holdings LLC Bezos purchased the Washington post in 2013 for what was reported as 250 million dollars. Since then he’s worked to change the post from a traditional and declining ink and paper business into a web-savvy and data-driven company. That in 2016 published over twelve hundred articles a day interestingly enough.

6. Real Estate

As briefly mentioned earlier Bezos has real estate literally from sea to shining sea. And he doesn’t just use them for living space. He uses his estate in Texas the 165 thousand acre corn ranch as a base of operations for Blue Origin is outer space company that’s hoping to make space tourism as regular and occurrences city bus to us. The corn ranch also hosts test launches for New Shepard, the vertical landing manned suborbital rocket that is Bezos his best hope for popularizing space tourism someday.

Then there’s his personal real estate such as his two Beverly Hills homes, his lakeside Washington state property which he expanded to over 30,000 square feet at a cost of 28 million, and his 10,000 square feet Manhattan apartment inside century tower. The Manhattan home cost him around 10 million but has been more than worth it, especially to the city. Bezos’s presence alone since century towers property values skyrocketing. If you want to be Jeff Bezos new york neighbor expect to shell out anywhere from two to three thousand per square feet.

5. Charitable Donations

With more money than anyone in modern history, it would be a shame if Jeff Bezos didn’t use at least some of it to help others. Fortunately, he does exactly that investing small fortunes and giving back to his community and the world in general. For the most part, Bezos gives back by making it easier for people to further their education. Particularly those who otherwise would not have the financial means to do so. In September of 2018, he launched the Bezos Day1 fund where he would pledge two billion to support homeless families through ventures such as building high-end Montessori style preschools in low-income neighborhoods, in addition, his Bezos Family Foundation funds many in educational projects such as Broome students rebuild and mind in the making.

He personally has donated millions of dollars to educational facilities such as the Seattle Museum of History and industry. Not to mention Princeton University his alma mater. What’s more, Bezos is using his money to help kids caught in an immigration loop. In January 2018 he and his wife Mackenzie donated an incredible 33 million to the Dream US. A dream is a group that strives to help dreamers undocumented immigrants brought to the US. As children to get to college and realize their untapped potential with that mone.y the Dream will be able to award scholarships to a thousand high schoolers with DACA status.

4. A Very Early Form of Google

It’s common thinking that Jeff Bezos is worth a 150 billion. Thanks entirely to Amazon that’s not entirely true. However, even if Amazon had ultimately tanked like so many other late nineties .coms. Bezos likely would have been a billionaire many times over thanks to an early investment in of all things. Google! In 1998 Bezos was still working hard at establishing Amazon as legend long-term venture. When he bought out an Indian delivery service called John Lee. While that venture proved a failure it did introduce Bezos to a man named Shri Ram. Who was concurrently advising two Stanford students, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin? During their attempts to launch a brand new search engine called Google.

Shri Ram introduced Page and Brin to Bezos. And after a single demonstration of Google, the Amazon CEO decided to invest, however by this time the initial investing period had ended. Under normal circumstances, Bezos would be out of luck. Luckily however Jeff Bezos does not operate under normal circumstances thanks to just a few years of running Amazon he was already worth 1.6 billion dollars. This convinced Page and Brin that Bezos knew what he was doing with his money. So they allowed him to invest in Google which has clearly paid off in dividends. Bezos invested 1 million in Google. But how much he made off of it nobody can really say. To this day Bezos has refused to provide such details. It’s currently worth over 279 billion according to GEO banking rates. And is the most popular search engine on the planet.

 3. A 10,000 Year Clock

Some of Jeff Bezos’s money goes to downright unusual ideas. For example, he wants to build a giant clock that will run for 10,000 years. Most likely it would outlast our current civilization. This clock is the brainchild of the Long Now Foundation, working 500 feet inside a mountain located on Bezos’s Van Horn Texas property. Long Now workers are currently cobbling together the 500 feet tall mechanical clock designed to run for a literal 10,000 years. As Bezos explained in a tweet the clocks are a symbol for long-term thinking. He so believes in that symbol that he has donated a reported 42 million towards this clocks completion. It’s an ambitious project to be sure especially considering he nor any of the Long Now employees will be around to know for sure if it works.

2. Incredible Security

Being the richest man on the planet means you’re in the public eye far more than the average person. Then Bezos realizes just this. So he spares no expense when making sure he and his family are as safe and secure as possible. Recently Fortune reported that in 2016 Amazon spent an incredible 1.6 million on security for Bezos. That figure, by the way, is for his own private security. As per an Amazon filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, he already has public security at all Amazon facilities. Amazon’s justification for such an expensive secondary security force was that Bezos really didn’t earn much money that year. His base salary is actually relatively lower a reported 81840 dollars per year. And he apparently didn’t receive any stock options in 2016. In other words, the security cost likely came out of his own pocket.

1. A Chunk of Seattle

His real estate holdings in Amazon’s base city are massive. In 2012 Bezos purchased close to a dozen buildings comprising nearly 2 million square feet of office space. He turned them all into Amazon South Lake Union headquarters. This purchase which cost 1.5 billion dollars instantly made Amazon one of the top commercial property owners in Seattle. Amazon spent 200 million to purchase a three-block space in Seattle known as the Deme Triangle.

For even more office space two years later they spend 50 million on a fourth block for their triangle. All this resulted in Seattle Times reports that as of late August 2017 Amazon-owned as much office space as 40 other Seattle companies combined. The Seattle offices, by the way, are incredible. Definitely worthy of bearing the Amazon name. Bezos very likely designed the unique futuristic architecture and innovative biospheres to help his Amazon employees stay motivated.

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  1. Good for him! He is a classic example of an intelligent man who worked hard to earn wealth and accomplish something worthwhile. He is a shining example of the benefits of American Capitalism, which encourages people who are creative and productive. I admire him tremendously.

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