Top 10 Smallest Birds in the USA

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the USA. The northern region of the United States has hundreds of different bird species. More precisely, it’s a hub of little, cute, and soft creatures. It’s time to have an eye on the Top 10 smallest birds in the USA. So, let’s dive into the collected data!

10. Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker has a beautifully designed plumage, the perfect combination of colors. On this list of the smallest birds in the USA, Downy Woodpecker holds the tenth slot.

From the family of Woodpeckers, their ideal job is to drill the trees and obtain the food. Usually, their food items consist of different herbs, insects, and grains. The little red band on Downy Woodpecker’s head defines the ultimate artistry of nature. Furthermore, this small bird of few inches is adorned with crazy winsomeness.

Origin: Northern United States

Length: 6 – 7 inches

Weight: 21 – 28 g

Lifespan: 1 -2 years

9. Dark-Eyed Junco

Soft and fluffy Juncos! Dark-eyed Junco lives on the ground. Furthermore, they use to hop around while searching for food. The well-designed attire is of greyish shade, and two sparkling black eyes seem like shiny buttons.

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With round heads and a bit long tail, this bird falls on the ninth slot of the smallest birds in the USA. Moreover, Dark-eyed Junco loves to have food items like seeds, grains, and insects. They use to be populous, but habitat loss has played a major role in declining their population.

Origin: Western United States

Length: 5.25 – 6 inches

Weight: 19g

Lifespan: 11.3 years

8. Bewick Wren

Bewick Wren looks slightly different; it has a round body with a long upright tail. Furthermore, their plumage comprises two shades. The upper half is light brownish, and the lower part is whitish.

Bewick Wren is known for its luscious voice. Therefore, they are the singers in the bird community. The homeland for these birds is the thickets, boscage, and jungles. Furthermore, Bewick Wrens have food items like ants, beetle, bugs, grasshoppers, and many more.

Origin: Northern, Southern, and the Central United States

Length: 5.1 inches

Weight: 9.8g

Lifespan: 2 years

7. Yellow-rumped Warbler

The seventh smallest bird in the US is the Yellow-rumped Warbler. It has a diversity of colors in its plumage. Yellow-rumped Warbler has a strong beak, little black eyes, and a long tail. Moreover, its appearance matches a lot with colorful parrots.

The change in their home place is according to the weather. During summer, they prefer to live in forests, while in winters, they migrate towards residential areas or playgrounds. Yellow-rumped Warblers enjoy having insects because they can catch the birds even in the air.

Origin: Southern and Central America

Length: 4.75 inches

Weight: 12g

Lifespan: 10 years

6. Verdin

Verdin, with a length of 4.5 inches, holds the sixth position in the smallest birds of the US. It has a round face, yellow in color, with a small beak. Furthermore, Verdin’s attire consists of a greyish-white shade.

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This tiny creature hangs on the trees and uses to hop to move around. Moreover, Verdin lives in dry and thorny areas. Therefore, their eatables are insects and spiders. Another interesting fact about this bird is its songs. Verdin loves to sing and has a sweet voice.

Origin: Southwest of US

Length: 4.5 inches

Weight: 6.8g

Lifespan: 3 years

5. Carolina Chickadee

Blackcap on the head, here comes the Carolina Chickadee! Its plumage has a perfect combo of grey, white and black colors. This little one is a handsome hunk in the fowl community. With a spherical body, Carolina Chickadee has a long thin tail. Besides its beauty, hopping is their most loved activity. They use to hang upside down and hop in search of food.

Carolina Chickadee enjoys having a vegetative diet during winter, like berries, seeds, etc. But, in summers, they transform their diet completely. They love to eat insects, caterpillars, moths, and bugs.

Origin: Texas, United States

Length: 4 inches

Weight: 10 g

Lifespan: 11.5 years

4. American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch has a yellow coat with patches in its wings and tail. They are famous because of their gymnastics acts. Highly active and tends to perform many acrobatic acts. So, this little bird is a macho man too.

Another interesting fact about these birds is that they are vegetarian. No insects! While all other birds entertain themselves with beetles, ants, caterpillars, etc. But, American Goldfinch has a different taste when it comes to food. Most of the time, they travel in a flock and communicate via tweeting.

Origin: North America

Length: 4.25 inches

Weight: 14 g

Lifespan: 3 – 6 years

3. Tropical Parula

The third-smallest bird of the US is the Tropical Parula. Its plumage consists of two dazzling shades of blue and yellow with a bit white.

Spiders, bugs, beetles, ants, and many other insects are on their menu list.

Origin: Central America

Length: 3.75 inches

Weight: 7.9 g

2. Costa’s Hummingbird

Costa’s hummingbird is the second smallest bird in the US. Winsomeness in its looks! Spectacular shades of purple on its neck and face!

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This little one has a long thin beak through which the extraction takes place from the flowers. Hummingbirds are the world’s smallest and most beautiful birds. No doubt, nature has decorated them with ultimate beauty.

Costa’s Hummingbird use to live in drylands, while one can also witness them in parks, gardens, and playgrounds.

Origin: Southwest United States

Length: 3.5 inches

Weight: 3 g

Lifespan: 8 years

1. Calliope Hummingbird

Here comes the smallest bird of the US, the Calliope Hummingbird. What a perfect combo of beauty and compactness! This little bird has a colorful throat, and it seems like a pinkish-purple beard. Furthermore, the male Calliope Hummingbird loves to dance and hop as it helps him to attract the female ones.

Besides this, they have multiple other interesting facts like their metabolism boosts upon hovering. They can chase the bigger birds, and the counting goes on.

Origin: Southwestern United States

Length: 3 inches

Weight: 2 – 3 g

Lifespan: 8 years

Final words

This is the complete list of the top ten smallest birds of the US. I hope you will find it helpful and interesting.

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