Kings landing Florida History and interesting Fun Facts

Kings landing Florida History and interesting Fun Facts. There is a covering of beauty in this world, in the form of dazzling waterfalls, eye-captivating springs, alluring forests, and spellbinding glaciers. These lands of purity have a connection with the human soul. We all find the utmost serenity in the warm and pulchritudinous arms of nature.

Kings landing, Florida

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Exploring these sterling lands has always been a craze for man. The urge to visualize the beauty and then going next seems like a thriller ride. Here, we will give a full-fledge and honest review about one of the breathtaking mount in Florida. If you are looking for a place where you can show up your stunning skills in the canoekayak, then Kings Landing will fulfill your dream.

Florida is the land of 700 springs with mesmerizing beauties. So, Kings Landing came up with the three more magnificent spots like Rock Spring Run, Wekiva Springs Run, and the Wekiva River. Before diving into this place, let us know where Kings Landing is and how can we reach there?

Location | Kings Landing, Florida

This beautiful place is in the city of Apopka, Florida. It’s a populous city with lands of God-gifted beauty. Before reaching Kings Landing, you will witness another dazzling exquisiteness known as Kelly Park. This recreational site has a natural spring. And you can go through it with the help of tubes. The water is not deep so you can also enjoy swimming. The spring mentioned above is the Rock Spring Run. So, on the right side of Kelly Park Road. After passing away from the theme location, you will be at your desired destination.

Info & History | Kings Landing, Florida

Kings Landing is basically a place where you can rent out the Canoe or Kayak for an adventurous journey. It’s about 2 miles from the start of the Rock Spring Run. You can also bring your own Kayak or Canoe if you have one, as it will cost you less.

It will take about four and a half hours to reach Wekiva Island. For this, you have to paddle continuously for 8.5 miles. But the whole crossing is relaxing and thrilling. You will see wild birds, little fishes in the water, but a dangerous creature known as Alligator may be waiting for you as the authorities have also launched a warning in this case. So, be careful!

It’s time to look at the past of Kings Landing, Florida.

Kings Landing was the best place known for paddle running in Central Florida. There used to be held several competitions, and a colossal audience gathered there to enjoy their weekends. Everything was on the top before the disaster of 2004-2005. After the hurricanes, this place was the piece of the debris in Florida. All the local and international tourism vanished away in the blink of an eye.

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It was catastrophic for the owners of Kings Landing, and they left the authority by selling this valuable place to the new owners as the loss was irreparable. But the new members started working with the enthusiasm to rebuild this land of purity again.  Because of their untiring efforts, this place has got previous attention as it used to have back in days.

Time to paddle

As soon as you place your feet in the canoe, the journey towards a beautiful and breathtaking nature will begin. It will make you feel like you are in the forest, where wild birds are flying and attracting your attention by showing-off their winsomeness.

The best time to enjoy this place is to visit it in the summers. You don’t have to paddle that much hard as the flow is smooth and will drop you towards your destiny evenly. On paddling, you will discover that the water is crystal clear. And the visibility of sand and the tiny fishes is wholly perspicuous. The level of excitement will double-up when you get the opportunity to swim in the spring.

You will also experience many trees fallen in your way. For this, you have to jump in the water and will have to call your paddle partner to lift the canoe over the tree.

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After paddling for about an hour and a half, there came the end line. This end line demonstrates that you cannot go further with your canoekayak. That’s the part of Kelly Park, where only tubing is allowed. So, this is the closest you can reach the Rock Spring Run mouth. Here is the Rock Spring Run the start was from Kelly Park and continues through Kings Landing.

Wekiva Island

After paddling for 8.5 miles, this is the time to rest and eat at a spectacular island. This area has some restrictions. You can come to this spot if you are renting a kayak or canoe. You cannot just directly came to hang out on this island.

The water in the below picture is dark, while the spring of Rock Run was clear. So, this is the Wekiva River. The combination of Wekiva Spring Run and the Rock Spring Run makes the Wekiva River.

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So, at this spot, you can enjoy the most by eating and having a sunbath. One of the fascinating factors about this water is its constant temperature.

Prices of the Canoe / Kayak

If you own a Kayak or Canoe, then you have to pay 10$ as a fee. But for renting a Kayak or double Canoe, you have to pay 50$, and for the double Kayak, the price is 60$. You have to return the kayak/canoe to Wekiva Island.

Our View

We will highly recommend the audience to select this place for vacations. The journey is full of exciting little surprises of wild nature. So, visit this place as soon as possible.

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