Top 10 Hottest Cities in the United States

Top 10 Hottest Cities in the United States. Let’s talk about places that you should never be without sunblock, the hottest cities in the United States. As you already know most of this list is gonna be in the southwest in the southern states of USA. But this list is about which cities in those states really push the mercury. Turn on the AC and watch my top 10 hottest cities in the United States.

10 Columbus Georgia

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Columbus is right outside the front gate of Fort Benning Georgia. Columbus is one of the hottest cities in Georgia with nearly three months out of the year experiencing days where temperatures are above 90 degrees. During the summer it felt like it was going to be the last day on earth. In Columbus Georgia the rest of the year the temperatures around 70 degrees. So it’s not terrible but those summer months and the humidity it’s horrible. The hottest temperature ever recorded was in 2012 when the temperature rose to 106 degrees in Columbus Georgia.

9. Shreveport Louisiana

hottest city in usa

Shreveport is the fourth largest city in Louisiana with just under two hundred thousand residents. The highest temperature ever recorded in Shreveport was 110 degrees and that was in August of 1909. Thankfully the average during the summer is not that high however it does hover around 95 most of the summer. Since Louisiana is one big swamp, residents complain that when it gets hot it smells. The temperature and crime rates sort of mirror each other kind of weird.

8. Roswell New Mexico

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Roswell is the city of the alleged UFO crash in 1947. Within the city is the International UFO Museum and Research Center. The belief in Roswell amongst the residents is that UFO’s could be related to the extreme heat the city indoors every year. The city sees about 98 days of over 90 degrees weather with the summer average being about 95 degrees. They had a record of 114 degrees Fahrenheit in 1994.

7. Houston Texas

Top 10 Hottest Cities in the United States

Houston is the most populated city in Texas with 2.3 million residents with the metro area holding about 6 million people. Those people see just over three months of temperatures over 90 degrees. The average high temperature during the summer months is usually around 95 degrees. While in the winter the temperatures stay around 80 degrees. Every time I’ve ever been to Houston there’s like no wind, not even a light breeze. The heat is stifling that is why in my travel journal it says never go to Houston in the summer. The highest temperature in the city of Houston was 109 degrees in September of 2000.

6. Furnace Creek California

Top 10 Hottest Cities in the United States

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With the name like that we should just give it the number one spot. Furnace Creek has a small population of only twenty-four residents as of the 2010 census. So it’s really not a city but the name kind of gets him on the list. It is also in the middle of Death Valley. The small population is due to the climate of the city. The average high during the hottest months of the year is 116 degrees. While during the coldest months it only gets down to about 65 degrees. The hottest recorded temperature here was in 1913 and it was 134 degrees. The hottest ground temperature was 201 degrees in July of 1972.

5. San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is the second biggest city in Texas with about 1.5 million residents. These residents experience temperatures above 90 degrees for about five months out of the year. They may not get as hot as others on this list but that heat sticks around 4 months and 26 days. To be exact average summer temperatures rise up to nearly 100 degrees while the winter temperatures stay around 80. Thankfully there are a few lakes not too far away and San Antonio has a river running right down the middle of town. San Antonio has the Riverwalk also. If you want something really cool to do go to the San Antonio Riverwalk. It’s kind of nice little shops and restaurants and the River going through it. And they got these little boats you can ride on as a really neat.

4. Del Rio Texas

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Del Rio is a city of about 36,000 residents right on the border with Mexico. The city gets about 145 days a year of 93 degrees. That’s the type of weather that makes you mutter when will it end over and over. The highest temperature on record is 112 degrees. Luckily there’s a reservoir that is very well guarded by the Border Patrol less than 20 minutes away. For an easy escape for a quick dip in the reservoir get away from that heat.

3. Las Vegas Nevada

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Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the country with just around 50 million tourists per year. Vegas is also the hottest of the most visited cities. While visiting Vegas tour in summer you can expect temperatures to be in the hundreds and stayed there quite a while. The mild summer average temperatures drop down to the high 70s. The good news is casinos are very well air-conditioned and you can stay there and drink and Gamble. You may never even go outside and notice that it’s hot. What is great about this city is the passion the locals have.

2. Tucson Arizona

Hottest places in Arizona

Tucson is about two hours south of Arizona state capital Phoenix. The city sees about 145 days of over 90 degrees weather with an average summer temperature of a hundred degrees. But throughout the year temperatures thankfully drop into the 80s to maybe 85. It is in the middle of the desert not too far from Mexico. The highest temperature on record in Tucson is 117 degrees that was from 1990.

1. Phoenix Arizona

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Phoenix has about 1.6 million residents. In 2017 the city hit a record number of deaths related to heat. That year 155 residents, unfortunately, died from the heat. During the springtime, the city usually has an average temperature of around 85 degrees. During the summer months, you should expect temperatures to be around 105 degrees through the whole summer almost it’s incredible. I’ve been to Phoenix a handful of times in the summer and it is never a good experience. I mean I love the people there don’t get me wrong. I’m not a heat guy and I was miserable the whole time.

That’s my top 10 hottest cities in the United States. I hope you guys enjoyed it. You got some information out of it. So everybody has a great day, be nice to each other.

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