Top 25 Safest Cities in America 2020

Top 25 Safest Cities in America 2020. Crime levels have dropped sharply in the US within the last two decades. According to FBI figures, the rate of violent crime dropped 50 percent between 1993 and 2019. Nevertheless, public perceptions about crime do not always align with the information. In 21 Gallup polls since 1989, the vast majority of all Americans said there was a crime in contrast to the year earlier, regardless of the downward trend in violent and property crime rates in the USA during this period. Have a look at the list of 25 safest cities in the United States, based on the survey.

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1. Naperville (Illinois)

Naperville is a great, family-friendly city. The schools are top-notch with everything from the community is targeted towards developing a warm, welcoming setting for fresh Naperville households in addition to Naperville veterans. There’s something for everybody in a neighborhood as enormous as Naperville. With this, it may be more costly to live here as the communities are somewhat more upscale but there’s lots of cheap housing available.

2. Irvine (California)

Irvine is most likely among the safest, most affluent, and greenest cities in CA (or even, in the US)! It’s located in Orange County, so it is quite simple to go around the LA area or push down to San Diego. This city is actually amazing with roads dotted with trees and blossoms. It’s quite silent and all areas are well-maintained. There is a lot of opportunities for outside pursuits.

3. Thousand Oaks (California)

It’s a really secure and family-friendly atmosphere. The community is well maintained and is in an ideal place. You may go to Malibu that’s just shy of 30 minutes off, or you’ll be able to visit Ventura that’s about 30 minutes off. It’s in between stunning mountains and the weather is just perfect! Thousand Oaks has lots of schools with good teachers.

4. Provo (Utah)

Provo itself is a gorgeous, comfy and very secure place to reside. It’s an assortment of healthful and tasty food alternatives, has historic sights and gorgeous history in the city center, and of course the gorgeous LDS temple which was recently built beside the NuSkin construction. Provo is situated near the freeway for simple access to travel and is still a relatively clean city. The people are extremely friendly and respectful of this location they reside. Regardless of the great amount school pupils, Provo has been able to keep up a fantastic title, optimistic environment, expansion mindset and an enjoyable place to call home. I would really like to see more upgraded parks added to the city, while there are lots of old parks along with many conducting paths and hiking trails which make it an excellent spot to get a varied group of people.

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5. Round Rock (Texas)

Round rock City in Texas

From top-tier universities into a community that’s laden with caring individuals, Round Rock is undoubtedly among the most significant cities in Texas. The city is full of yummy restaurants and various kinds of entertainment, like malls and parks. Whether you’re a young single person searching for a job, or someone that has a family to increase, Round Rock is undoubtedly the best city to reside in! With that said, the one thing which I’d change about Round Rock is that the addition of hiking trails!

6. Carlsbad (California)

A fantastic city nestled alongside the shore. But in addition, it has it’s own party/bar scene at the down city region. Simply wear your jeans and flip-flops and you will fit them right. Plenty of Mexican food options visit Garcia’s! Go for a walk around the boardwalk and revel in a sunset. YesLEGOLAND is there however unless you’ve got a five-year-old, it is not worth the cash (What’s sun/water damaged and requires spruced up, which I’d anticipate they do with all the money that they buy ) – you are better off using a free day at the shore.

7. Sunnyvale (California)

The areas in Sunnyvale are extremely secure in general. There is a minimal number of crimes and when there are some, no longer than trivial crimes. Sunnyvale has been working to be modern and appeal to the younger audience while it works to keep its elderly residents. The only frightening issue is pricing thanks to a number of high-tech businesses near (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.) Although this does pose people who have plenty of career opportunities.

8. Glendale (California)

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A place so tempting you are able to walk down the road and say hello to some random stranger on any particular day. The center of the city is now the epicenter of enormous job opportunities along with a place to escape and experience the numerous authentic, culturally amazing flavors our restaurants have to offer you. So if you are seeking to have a really fantastic time, just passing looking to proceed, Glendale is a spot you will shortly come to appreciate!

9. Plano (Texas)

Top 25 Safest Cities in America 2019

A very secure city, little to no offense. The colleges across this field are phenomenal and well-financed. It is near Dallas so there is a chance to visit the city, however, there are still lots of things to do here. The nature parks and reserves are fine and the walking paths are soothing to visit. This is where you’d like to visit when you envision the perfect suburban life.

10. Overland Park (Kansas)

Top 25 Safest Cities in America 2019

Overall it is a fantastic place which has a great deal to offer. It is close proximity to Kansas City, Missouri permits you easy access to larger nightlife and massive concerts, festivals, events, theater, ballet, and much more. While we have some diversity, it is not quite as varied as other locations. But, it’s still possible to discover some fantastic cultural restaurants which reflect the diversity we all do possess, such as Indian, Ethiopian, Thai, Korean, as well as from El Salvador! Cost of living is about the higher end to the KC Metro area and the home market is very much a vendor’s lone right now as most houses are being marketed for over asking price or minus stipulations such as inspections, etc.. They individually have a great deal to offer.

11. Port St. Lucie (Florida)

safest small towns in america

Homes are very inexpensive. The city is building up fast. You will find quiet areas and a wonderful public school program. Whatever you want is here. There are lots of game organizations for the kids to participate with.

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12. Rochester (Minnesota)

safest small towns in america

It is a wide-open city with a lot of chances for expansion! The city is quite clean, and the job market is constantly hiring for diverse positions within the healthcare field. Additionally, there is a great deal of diverse neighborhood’ bedroom’ communities, in fresh cookie-cutter’ suburban areas to first neighborhoods in the 1950s. Fantastic location to work and raise kids!

13. Burbank (California)

safest cities of usa

Burbank is a silent and tranquil city with the exact same bustle as a major city with no mad crowds. In Downcity, a fantastic mall to meet any shopping needs with all the significant shops. In 2017 the biggest IKEA at the WORLD is also opening in Burbank in addition to a COSTCO along with a subway train which could take you all of the ways to down city LA. The public colleges are amazing with fantastic programs and wonderful college which really care for your student’s achievement. Burbank is the ideal location to reside.

14. Ann Arbor (Michigan)

safest cities of usa

Ann Arbor is a totally wonderful place to live or visit in your free time. This gorgeous college city has a lot to offer if you are here to get a UM trip (Go Blue!) You will find parks spread across city and paths where you will discover a steady flow of walkers and runners. There are a hustle and bustle that strikes the ideal balance of occupied but not overpowering.

15. Temecula (California)

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There’s a whole lot of fine views, and I am not talking about the superb diversity Temecula has. Wine nation is the most relaxing, most attractive, and gorgeous place in the city. Temecula can be very family-friendly too. From budding ponds to children’s museums and children eat free days, it’s a place the entire family can enjoy! The freeway is shut, making commute times fair from San Diego to Riverside. Best flight instruction. Temecula provides 3-4 private colleges and a large number of public schools in grade school to high school. Even though the price of living is high, Temecula really cares about its own community! Jobs are simple to find too.

16. Bellevue (Washington)

It is such a gorgeous city with a great deal of racial diversity and excellent public schools. Bellevue is known to be rather safe and family-friendly, which lots of parks and small beaches from the lakes. It is near mountains, lakes, bicycle paths, and woods – these Pacific Northwest pleasures, ideal for your outdoorsy person.

The drawback is home costs are skyrocketing. People living here are far somewhat more wealthy than average – a few are being priced out of their marketplace. Lots of men and women are extremely health conscious. The population is growing and there is a lot of construction. Commute times are rising fast too. Job opportunities are great when you’ve got the abilities like computer science, technology, or business since the greater Seattle region has numerous tech businesses.

17. Cape Coral (Florida)

The city is always searching for ways to make matters simpler, safer, greener, and more healthy. Adding new parks and bicycle trails for example. Its place is one that’s near beaches, other attractions, and cities which are a day trip away. Shops, schools, and purchasing are those they are near areas. Home is occasionally an issue on account of the property accident, however, is turning around. Cape Coral is a superb place to live fairly inexpensive, simple to find decent shopping, schools, and tasks.

18. Roseville (California)

The weather is amazing, the people are fine, and it’s extremely family friendly. There are several areas to store, such as the very contemporary and gigantic Roseville Galleria. Additionally, there is a Top Golf class that has lots of amusement. Fantastic place to live for certain.

19. Santa Clara (California)

It is a great city! Santa Clara is in the center of Silicon Valley, situated in the core of all technology businesses, and a simple travel destination with three leading international airports within half an hour.

20. McAllen (Texas)

safest cities of usa

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McAllen, Texas is where it’s at in the event that you’re searching for an ever-expanding community! Fantastic for fashionable young adults seeking to enlarge their horizons, McAllen is a good spot to achieve that. Constantly evolving to enlarge, companies, commercial and local prosper here, and there’s a friendless concerning the air that’s uncanny.

21. Richardson (Texas)

safest city in california

Richardson was a superb city to develop in. It’s beautiful areas and industrial expansion. The current Cityline advancement has included a lot of jobs and professions, particularly with State Farm. This has also caused a booming restaurant industry comprising varied, delicious food which is now central to the city’s culture.

22. Boulder (Colorado)

Hiking, biking, and seeing the colors of fall are superb. If you want skiing, it is all the better to appreciate Vail Colorado, my favorite place to see, particularly during this Christmas period of bright vibrant light in its own community.

Boulder famous for the biking and miles of paths is for the newcomer in addition to for the most seasoned biking enthusiast. What I’d love to see altered in Boulder is the congestion out of enormous quantities of cars, travel through the city daily. The optimistic side of Boulder traffic would be the superb bus services across Boulder and the Denver Metropolitan area.

23. Corona (California)

Corona is silent and calm and a very convenient place to reside with shopping facilities just five minutes off. Even though a white-dominant city, people are extremely accepting of different races, and diversity within this city is slowly but surely rising. If you’re interested in finding a wonderful small quiet place to reside in that nonetheless has lots of things to do, then definitely take a look at the city of Corona.

24. Torrance (California)

cheapest and safest places to live in california

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A wonderful city in which you feel comfortable all of the time. Everybody is quite friendly and knows their way around the city. There are various shops for shopping, eating out, or even amusement. Their education system is quite good also. An extremely well-rounded city generally!

25. Orange (California)

cheapest and safest places to live in california

I really like the remainder of the Old City area, with its rich background in historical elderly homes and the gorgeous buildings, the dedication of the City to conserve those regions, and also, on the opposite end of the spectrum, new improvements in home and companies. The companies and schools in the City are spent in developing a comfortable, family atmosphere, nevertheless trying ahead in research and community improvement in several facets. The one thing which I think needs some modification is a number of public colleges that are lacking in support or funding to keep their facilities up.

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